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Frozen in time … and every other which way

May 6, 2016 Last week I had the privilege of traveling in Europe with my mishpocha. We spent a week in Spain, then an additional three days in Holland. Everything went swimmingl. more »»

Sole brother number one

April 22, 2016 One sign we’re passengers on a rudderless ship of state is the number of books on leadership being churned out year after year. more »»

Bubbled ice, befogged goalies, and the breaks of the game

April 15, 2016 Though I always liked to play sports, the sad truth is I wasn’t much of an athlete. And it’s probably no coincidence that any team I was on had a less than stellar recor. more »»

Remember the Mein!

April 8, 2016 If you were in a diner in ancient Rome, eavesdropping on the next table, you might’ve heard someone say, “De gustibus non disputandem est. more »»

Flying anytime soon? If so, BYOBB

April 1, 2016 For the most part, change is gradual. And if things change slowly enough, we adjust easily to them, provided we notice them at all. This is surely the case with airline travel. more »»

Keeping the grand marshal grand since 2016

March 25, 2016 When I hear country life bad rapped, it makes my blood boil. And it seems the worst bad-rappers are New York City boosters. more »»

The mein course

March 18, 2016 Because my family came from New York City, every year we went there three or four times. Frankly, being 100 percent country, I never cared much for the place. more »»

The breaks of the game

March 11, 2016 This winter, when I decided to start skating again after a 50-year layoff, I had a rough start. Actually, it was no start at al. more »»

Pranks? No thanks

March 4, 2016 If you spend too much time on Facebook (which I’m ashamed to admit I do) you’ll inevitably run across postings labeled “pranks. more »»

Kazoos up the wazoo

February 26, 2016 It was a Saturday in January 1982 and I was having coffee in Alice’s restaurant with Milt “Tiltin’ Milton” McCrae. more »»

What has 2 arms, a neck and no head for business?

February 12, 2016 Early in the week, I realized this Carnival was the anniversary of The Great T-Shirt Fiasco of ’76. This tale involves my pals Zap and Moonbeam, a beautiful hippy couple. more »»

The Ice King and his silent partners

February 5, 2016 If I’ve learned nothing else after a lifetime of watching athletes, I’ve learned this: They never come back. more »»

Art for Dope’s sake

January 29, 2016 Beauty, they say, is in the eyes of the beholder, and who am I to rebut it. Take the “Mona Lisa” ... please. I first saw it in a textbook when I was in sixth grade. more »»

Ice follies

January 22, 2016 It happened on a whim. One minute I was walking by the Petrova field. The next minute I was recalling the village rink that’d been there and the hundreds if not thousands of hours I’d skated on it. more »»

Much better than the real deal

January 15, 2016 All my life I’ve liked old things. And when I say all my life, I mean it. When I was a wee tyke and all the boys wanted to be astronauts like Captain Video and Flash Gordon, I wanted a top . more »»

M.I.T.’s darkest moment

January 8, 2016 It had started out another pleasant eve in the Pearl of Tupper — P2’s Irish Pu. more »»

The New Year’s that took the cake

December 31, 2015 In the Navy, I was a Morse code intercept operator, stationed in Germany on an army base. Never even saw a navy ship and no, don’t go figure. We worked in one of two schedule. more »»

So what if the weather outside is frightful?

December 24, 2015 Although almost every witticism attributed to an American is credited to Mark Twain, a lot of them were never uttered by Twain himself. more »»

Taking the cakes

December 18, 2015 If you’re a thoroughly rotten human being, there’s a multitude of ways to be remembere. more »»

Isolation cells

December 11, 2015 When the phone jolted me awake, I snapped up, feeling my heart hammering its way out of my chest. I groped around for the handset, finally succeeding on my fourth pass. more »»



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