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A rough road called Memory Lane

July 27, 2012 Memory is a weird thing. If you don’t believe me, just ask any cop about eyewitness reliability. But as weird as memory is, I find the older I get, the weirder it gets. more »»

Take me to your leader (but not your reporter)

July 20, 2012 If one of my peers had told me it on the playground, I’d’ve immediately labeled it a schoolboy rumor. If an adult had told me, I still would’ve dismissed it as bumpf. more »»

Goodbye, Mr. Chips (wood chips, that is)

July 13, 2012 He was an old-time forester through and through. He dressed the part as well — wool shirt and pants, boots and suspenders — all year round. more »»

In memoriam

July 6, 2012 Last week I was on Grand Cayman Island, a sub-tropical paradise of sun, sea and sand. But on Wednesday, the day darkened when I checked the online Enterprise and saw that Dean Naegele had die. more »»

The not-so deep freeze and burnt offerings

June 22, 2012 One area where I believe we least understand each other is our spending habits. Take my friend, Mack. He’s a gun nut who’s amassed an arsenal that rivals any Third World army’s. more »»

Notes on a notebook

June 15, 2012 When it comes to figuring out how much something is worth, Karl Marx had the last word. Something’s value, said old Karl, is what people are willing to pay for it. more »»

Deadly behaviors

June 8, 2012 Everyone knows the importance of exercise. But is there such a thing as too much of it? Apparently, there i. more »»

The world’s best frame-up

June 1, 2012 One of the longest-running and most ridiculous arguments rages over the difference between arts and crafts. more »»

Funk, hunks and junk

May 25, 2012 I once read that as we get older, we keep thinking we’re at least 10 years younger than we are, and I believe that’s true. more »»

The late Professor Dope

May 11, 2012 For almost as long as I can remember, I’ve disliked all formal ceremonies. I say “almost” because the Broadway School’s May Festival of 1952 was the highlight of my public school “caree. more »»

The highway to (and from) hell

May 4, 2012 Today I drove to Lake Placid and back, something I hadn’t done in daylight for months. more »»

Of cars and kidneys

April 27, 2012 Last Thursday morning, on a whim, I checked my horoscope. The complex nature of your personality causes people to misunderstand you, but it’s also the source of your special charm. more »»

Give me liberty ... and my civvies, too

April 20, 2012 One of my favorite passages from Shakespeare is “All the World’s a Stage.” It’s cogent, comical and melancholy, all at once — the whole life process in 28 lines. more »»


April 13, 2012 We have become a nation of prophets. But our prophets aren’t like biblical ones – those wild-eyed freaks of gnashing teeth and rending garments fame. Uh-uh. more »»

The great squab squabble

April 6, 2012 One summer about 25 years ago, after a night of tossing and turning due to a combination of the aging process, ancient regrets and a midnight snack of chile con carne, I was wide awake long before... more »»

Turning yesterday’s wimps into today’s machos

March 30, 2012 I’m terrible at remembering dates, but I’ll never forget April 29, 1969 —?my first day in the Navy. I’d just gotten to Great Lakes, where I was herded into Camp Barry and I got my mind blown. more »»

Dutch treat

March 23, 2012 The reason there was no column last week was because the Amazon Queen and I spent spring break in Amsterdam. Thanks for asking. I’m sure spring break was hardly as exciting as my students. more »»

The trials and tribulations of the Boy Mayor

March 9, 2012 Last week I ran into my pal and fellow hack Howard Riley. Right after we said hello, we did what we always do — jumped into a freewheeling exchange of old-time Saranac Lake stories. more »»

Bob and weaves

March 2, 2012 Last week I mentioned my latest compulsion, which was that, on impulse, I fell in love with two Harris Tweed sport coats in the Dorsey Street Exchange and bought them. more »»

Cut from a different cloth

February 24, 2012 A great Yiddish word is “mishegas.” Its closest English equivalent is “obsession,” but ultimately that doesn’t come close. more »»



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