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Frosty receptions

March 1, 2013 It seems each winter the Enterprise’s front page features several lost hikers This one’s lost on Marcy. That one’s lost on Phelps. Those ones are lost on Haystack. more »»

Of comfort and warmth

February 22, 2013 Fifteen years ago, give or take, the Amazon Queen came back from a trip to Shirley’s, big bag in hand, big smile on face. “Boy, did I get you a treasure today,” she said. “Really?” I . more »»

A cooling relationship

February 15, 2013 It should be no surprise that my highlight of the year is Winter Carnival. And furthermore, the highlight of my Carnival is the parade. more »»

The voice of WIRD

February 8, 2013 I’ve always liked the word mellifluous, even before I knew what it meant. Its definition is “sweet and smooth-sounding,” and its roots are Latin: mellis — honey; and fluere — to flow. more »»

A man to admire

February 1, 2013 Two weeks ago, the Lance Armstrong shtick caught everyone’s attention. Now, it’s not even a blip on the 6 o’clock news. more »»

It’s not about the man, either

January 25, 2013 A lot of last week — too much, I believe —?was taken up by my thinking about L’Affaire Armstrong. I’m referring of course to Lance Armstrong’s sort of confession on Oprah Winfrey’s show. more »»

Commodore Bunk and the H.A. Watermelon

January 18, 2013 Last week, Bunk Griffin did something he’s only done twice before — he retired. But this retirement was different because it was official. more »»

Keeping cool about keeping warm

December 28, 2012 Well, we lucked out and had a White Christmas after all, for which I give a big shout-out and mazel tov to The Great Spirit Manitou for his snowy gift. But it wasn’t a sure thing. more »»

Whining about whining

December 21, 2012 Cars, like people, can have eccentricities. And having owned nothing but used cars (almost all of them well used) I’ve become an expert of sorts on the subject. more »»

The shnorrer’s dilemma

December 14, 2012 As long as I can remember, I’ve been fascinated by word play, origins, anomalies — you name it. Although I’m not adept at them, foreign languages also intrigue me. more »»

Looking back, and trying NOT to look forward

December 7, 2012 Among the 743 things about me that bug my students is the one that bugs almost all young people — that I tend to romanticize the past and look at it only through my rose-colored Ray Ban. more »»

A not-so-big Mac

November 30, 2012 If I want to know that you’re an old-time Saranac Laker, I only have to say the magic words and then check your reaction. more »»

The winds of November

November 23, 2012 It happens every year, without fail. There I am, diddy-bopping along, Old Man River himself, when as if by infernal clockwork, things change. The change isn’t sudden, shocking or even clear. more »»

So long, pal

November 16, 2012 I don’t have a favorite, book, song or movie, but I do have a favorite poem. It’s A.E. Housman’s “To an Athlete Dying Young. more »»

The disillusionment of young Citizen Dope

November 9, 2012 I have voted in every election since I was first allowed to register in 1968. Nonetheless, I loathe politics. Then again, what is there not to loathe? First, there’s the two party system. more »»

A dim bulb no more

November 2, 2012 Last week when we first got word of Hurricane Sandy and its terrifying potential, I did the only thing I could — tried to maintain both my perspective and composure. more »»

When hearing is really believing

October 26, 2012 I’ve always loved music, in spite of have never having had any musical ability. Then again, that’s the beauty of music: You don’t need any skill to enjoy it. more »»

Size matters

October 19, 2012 Teaching is an endless two-way exchange between student and instructor. Ideas are exchanged, values are exchanged, world-views are exchanged. more »»


October 12, 2012 I don’t know how Creighton Fee and I ever became friends. Certainly, the odds were against it. more »»

The Great Great Lakes Candy Caper

October 5, 2012 I know when the times change, everything changes with them. Still, I’m often boggled by HOW MUCH they change. more »»



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