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Behold, the Blue Line Oracle!

December 6, 2013 The American tradition of rugged individualism, self-reliance, and creative exploration has hit the skids. more »»

A sticker stickler

November 29, 2013 As I write this, it’s the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, 2013. But I’m thinking of the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, 1952. I was in first grade and on that day, school could not get out soon enoug. more »»

The fall chill

November 22, 2013 It hits me every November, early in the month — that feeling. What feeling? Unease? Discomfort? Nervousness? Yes, all those. But why it hits me, I can’t tell. more »»

Day is done

November 15, 2013 By the time Tuesday rolls around, I can’t remember anything of significance that happened over the weekend. But that’s because the way I live, nothing of significance usually takes place. more »»

The Haint that Ain’t

November 8, 2013 One of my favorite quotes about what it takes to be a great writer is from Ernest Hemingway. more »»

Ectoplasmic palaver

November 1, 2013 In Shakespeare’s time, ghosts were real. That is, people thought they were real. more »»

Puppy love

October 25, 2013 As a devoted pet owner, I regard cats and dogs like kidneys: You need only one to survive, but it’s best to have two — just in case. more »»

What’s in D.C. can stay in D.C.

October 18, 2013 We think being right is always a good thing. But it’s not. more »»

When a boy goes to get a man’s job

October 11, 2013 On Wednesday I was schmoozing with my old landsman Paul Pillis. more »»

Further misadventures of Deadeye Dope

October 4, 2013 I feel sorry for today’s middle-class kids. Not that they have it bad —they don’t. In fact, their problem is they have it good – too good. more »»

Angels in the Adirondacks?

September 27, 2013 A little known fact is almost all magicians are either skeptical or total disbelievers of paranormal phenomena. And, being a magician myself, I’m likewise skeptical. more »»

Tales of the Good Deed Kid

September 20, 2013 It was Christmas season and I was 10 or so, on a New York City bus with my mother and brother. At one stop, a woman got on, holding two big bags of gifts. more »»

Score one for the optimistic optometrist

September 13, 2013 Every childhood road trip followed the same pattern. First, we were all excited to be going. Then, boredom set in. And once it did, we struggled mightily to keep our spirits u. more »»

A couple of bang-up jobs

September 6, 2013 “Ready on the right?” barked the stern voice. “Ready,” we answered. “Ready on the left?” “Ready,” we again answered. “Ready on the firing line?” “Ready.” My finger tensed on the trigge. more »»

It takes brass

August 30, 2013 One of the great advantages of old age (if not the only one) is being able to pass judgment on younger generations anywhere, anytime, anyhow. more »»

A cartoon kind of kid

August 23, 2013 Two weeks ago I wrote about my introduction to The World’s Great Literature — the men’s magazines of the ’50s and ’60s. more »»

Making music and magic

August 16, 2013 I was walking through the Petrova school courtyard, lost in thought. That’s nothing new, since I’m always lost in thought when I’m near Petrova. more »»

For men only

August 9, 2013 Of late, the Hotel Saranac has been on Enterprise’s front page, which of course reminded me of all sorts of stories about it. more »»

The great deer riddle

August 2, 2013 Among the infinite number of disconnects between city and country folks, my favorite is The Animal Thing. To city people, wild animals are something they see only in zoos. more »»

Fine Dopish dining

July 26, 2013 After 40 years’ teaching at a culinary arts and forestry school, you’d think I’ve become somewhat knowledgeable about those fields. And if you did, you’d be half-right. more »»



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