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Gov. Mike Pence: National government is not the nation

December 17, 2014 INDIANAPOLIS — If success at the state level were enough to recommend someone for president of the United States, Gov. more »»

Prison policies are morally adrift

December 16, 2014 Reacting to a sharp rise in violent crimes, state and federal officials in the 1970s climbed aboard the politically popular “tough on crime” bandwagon. more »»

Lessons from the Virginia Creeper

December 15, 2014 What was he thinking? State officials recently held four meetings (following the four similar meetings they held a year ago) to elicit more public input on the best use of the underutilized... more »»

Grateful to the North Country

December 13, 2014 As I turn the page to a new chapter, I want to express my appreciation to all of you for allowing me to serve as your congressman. more »»

Train one way, bike back

December 12, 2014 I support restoring the “railroad through the Adirondacks” from Utica to Lake Placid, otherwise known as the Remsen-Lake Placid Travel Corridor. more »»

A poor alternative

December 12, 2014 In the debate over the best use of the Adirondack travel corridor from Remsen to Lake Placid, railroad advocates have repeatedly stated that we can have both a tourist train and a recreational trail... more »»

Seeking more diversity in the Park

December 11, 2014 To Leilani Ulrich, chairwoman Terry Martino, executive director Kathy Regan, deputy director, planning New York State Adirondack Park Agency - Dear Chairwoman Ulrich, Executive Director Martino an... more »»

The case of Scott Panetti — and the true meaning of ‘cruel and unusual’

December 9, 2014 So what does “cruel and unusual” mean? I once asked that of a law professor. more »»

2016 nominees: truly unconventional

December 8, 2014 Since 1952, nearly every battle for an open Republican presidential nomination when there has been no Republican incumbent running for re-election has followed two dependable storylines. more »»

’Tis the season

December 6, 2014 The Christmas season is part of what sociologists call “the world taken for granted. more »»

Are we losing our rivers?

December 5, 2014 Granville Beach was a secluded swimming hole on a snaky bend of the White River, the ideal place to meet Vermont neighbors on a hot summer day before 2011’s Hurricane Irene. more »»

The Lake Flower PUDD is legally inadequate

December 4, 2014 In postponing a decision on the proposed Lake Flower Planned Unit Development District, Saranac Lake village trustees cited the need for more information about project finances. more »»

NSA is tied tightly with Lake Placid

December 3, 2014 Attached is a letter that we recently mailed to our alumni and friends. As stated, National Sports Academy needs to raise $400,000 to stay open. more »»

Meningitis vaccination can save life

December 2, 2014 This is an open letter to all. With flu season here, I want to share our story to help shed light on a disease which many people are not educated about. more »»

Whom do you believe?

December 2, 2014 Last year, President Barack Obama made his position perfectly clear: Chuck Hagel “is an American patriot. ... more »»

Let’s talk about ‘black on black’ crime

December 1, 2014 OK, fine. Let’s talk about “black on black” crime. more »»

Police need to be able to do their job

November 29, 2014 Local police officers should stop carrying guns. more »»

State’s rail/trail findings dubious

November 29, 2014 I am writing in the belief that the state has not conducted a professional evaluation of the rail-to-trail options and has presented an indefensible recommendation based on conjecture, bias and a... more »»

Supreme Court denies gravity

November 28, 2014 I remember when people changed the oil in their cars and trucks themselves. Most of us dumped it around a utility pole or fence post. On the farms where I put up hay, they dumped it into gullies. more »»

Hagel didn’t start the fire

November 26, 2014 Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, a Vietnam war veteran and the lone Republican on Obama’s national security team, has been fired. And John McCain’s assessment is dead on. more »»



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