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Clarification needed on riding bikes in crosswalk

October 17, 2016 Last week’s DYK article was about the danger of riding a bicycle in a crosswalk, and I made the statement that this action was against vehicle and traffic law. more »»

Bicyclists, do not ride in the crosswalk

October 10, 2016 Last month a person on a bicycle was hit by a car while riding his bicycle on a crosswalk at the corner of U.S. Route 11 (West Main Street) and Webster Street in the village of Malon. more »»

Flashing yellow arrow —?What does it mean?

October 3, 2016 A flashing (blinking) yellow arrow, usually associated with a left turn, is becoming more commonplace in our cities and villages, and here is why. more »»

Motorcycle ABS now required in India

September 26, 2016 Do you ride a motorcycle? If you do, does it have antilock brakes? It should. more »»

How safe are large pickup trucks?

September 19, 2016 Since a large percentage of residents of Franklin County drive pickup trucks, have you ever questioned whether or not they are as safe in a crash test as you might think? Well, the Insurance... more »»

School speed limits must meet requirements

September 12, 2016 Now that school has resumed for another school year, reduced speed limits in the vicinity of schools during certain times are in effect. more »»

School resumes — watch for students, buses

September 5, 2016 Probably the worst thing any driver could encounter is hitting a child. more »»

Distracted driving seen as biggest problem

August 29, 2016 If you asked police officers 20 years ago what they deemed to be the biggest traffic safety issue, they would have most likely said either impaired driving or speeding. more »»

Pedestrians, when crossing at signal, push the button

August 22, 2016 In July, I ran a series of columns dealing with pedestrian and bicycle laws and bicycle safety. more »»

Colored pavement markings have special meanings

August 15, 2016 This article is a result of an inquiry I recently received concerning black dashed lines along segments of the New York State Thruway. more »»

Going to the transfer station? Cover your load

August 8, 2016 In many areas, weekly or bi-weekly trash pick-up is a service provided by your taxes, but in Franklin County, this is not the case. more »»

Raising speed limits increases deaths

August 1, 2016 If you are old enough to have been driving in 1973, you will likely remember that Congress required all states to adopt 55 mph as their maximum speed limit in order to receive their share of highway... more »»

Sharing lanes with bicycles

July 25, 2016 A series of my articles recently explained vehicle and traffic laws for motorists, pedestrians and bicyclists, and how to work together safely. more »»

Laws for bicycling

July 18, 2016 This is the last of a three-part series on pedestrian and bicycle laws. Last week’s article was about pedestrians. Today, we’ll discuss the laws for when you’re bicycling. more »»

Pedestrian and bicycle laws — laws for walking

July 11, 2016 This is the second of a three-part series on pedestrian and bicycle laws. Last week’s article was from the view of the driver and what to do when encountering pedestrians and bicyclists. more »»

Pedestrian, bicycle laws are often misunderstood

July 4, 2016 Another article on pedestrian and bicycle laws — “Why should I read it?” you ask. Answer — because too many people think they know these laws but really don’t, and you may be one of them. more »»

Stopping, standing and parking prohibited

June 27, 2016 Last week’s article explained the basic terms of no parking, not standing and no stopping. more »»

No stopping, standing, parking terms explained

June 20, 2016 For most of us we have a basic knowledge of what the terms “stop, stand, and park” mean, so you wonder why you should even read this articl. more »»

Enforcement, an important role in traffic safety

June 13, 2016 We love to see a cop — when they are after another driver. However, when we’re stopped by an officer, it’s a different stor. more »»

Students’ insight into traffic safety significant

June 6, 2016 On May 18 at Paul Smith’s College, the Franklin County Traffic Safety Board held its Enforcement Recognition breakfast. more »»

Study finds new drivers use their high beams

May 29, 2016 While the headlights on most cars need improvement, there is one simple thing that drivers can do to improve visibility in any vehicle: use their high beam. more »»



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