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North Country shortchanged as it battles opioid epidemic

October 24, 2016 Mark Twain is reputed to have quipped, “Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt.” The opioid epidemic has its roots in greed, deceit and exploitation. more »»

Who is a Christian?

October 22, 2016 When I hear that 78 percent of American Christians support the reality television star and real estate mogul Donald Trump (footnote 1), I’m scared. I don’t understand. They’re hypocrites. Pharise. more »»

Selective patriotism

October 13, 2016 During the singing of the national anthem prior to the Nebraska-vs.-Northwestern football game on Sep. more »»

Schools and mental health

October 12, 2016 As reported by Michael Virtanen of the Associated Press: “New York’s schools by law must teach about mental health in their state mandated health classes beginning in two years. more »»

A better way to greatness

October 10, 2016 In the 11th chapter of his once-famous book “The Ascent of Man,” J. Bronowski, a near-victim of the Holocaust, goes on location to the Nazi death camp at Auschwit. more »»

Is honesty rare enough to celebrate it?

October 7, 2016 Back when the kids were still tads, we occasionally took them to a drive-in movie. On one particular evening, as I ordered my tickets from a young lady, I noticed a man standing behind her. more »»

Staggering toward a cluster bomb ban

October 1, 2016 Cluster bombs are notorious for scattering unexpended ordinance over a wide area. more »»

Which way for the APA?

September 29, 2016 There’s a word in Portuguese for something that is way out of proportion to its site and surroundings. more »»

Our No. 1 environmental threat

September 24, 2016 Pogo said, “We have met the enemy, and it is us.” In the case of our winter road maintenance practices, this is certainly true. Road salt has become the N. more »»

Concern for NCS isn’t necessary

September 23, 2016 It was with great interest that I read the recent articles about current enrollment numbers at our local public and private schools. more »»

From New York Newspapers

September 23, 2016 Newsday on immigration policy and American ideals, Sept. 20 - The twin forces of immigration and migration have become increasingly vexing problems for the United States and much of the world. more »»

Sportsmen honor Duprey, Dupuis

September 21, 2016 The membership of the Franklin County Federation of Sports Clubs, representing over 1,000 sportsmen, met Wednesday, Sept. 14 for their annual dinner banquet. more »»

From New York Newspapers

September 19, 2016 The New York Times on the presidential candidates’ lack of an anti-poverty agenda, Sept. 13 - Poverty in the United States is deeper than in all other wealthy nations. more »»

From New York Newspapers

September 16, 2016 The Daily News of New York on Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump’s health records, Sept. more »»

From New York Newspapers

September 15, 2016 The Auburn Citizen on state standardized tests, Sep. more »»

No reason for Essex County to litigate FOIL request

September 14, 2016 Late last year, Crown Point’s Bethany Kosmider filed a Freedom of Information Law request with Essex County. more »»

Moving past the Common Core

September 13, 2016 Now that interest in the “wonders” of Common Core is waning, let’s not make the same mistake again, rush out and purchase another canned program like the new reading or math products of the past tha... more »»

Growing old in the moment

September 12, 2016 The other day I was shopping for light bulbs and found one (expensive) that boasted a “25-year lifespan.” I did the math and concluded the bulb will most likely outlast me. more »»

Summits overrun over Labor Day

September 10, 2016 Cars were parked illegally up and down Adirondack Loj Road. Waste of all kinds piled up on the trails. Labor Day weekend brought more people to the Adirondack High Peaks than ever before. more »»

Where American democracy failed, Scotland succeeded in 1777

September 9, 2016 The nation’s current socio-political quagmire and blatant religious ethno-cultural racism, as painfully and brazenly demonstrated by this election season, brings to mind just how severely America ha... more »»

Outrageous company pays the price

September 8, 2016 Your paper has, from time to time, published articles about the grotesquely expensive cost of air ambulance transportation. more »»



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