Impressed with car crash help

To the editor:

I was one of the motorists on site at the July 23 car crash in Harrietstown, in town working at Eagle Island Camp in Saranac Lake.

I wanted to express my deepest thanks and appreciation for all the local folks who ran from their cars to help in any way they could — bringing fire extinguishers, water and tools to cut the smoking truck open so the injured could receive first aid and comfort before help arrived. It warmed my heart to see everyone so selflessly work together, even in harm’s way.

I was further impressed by all the police, fire and emergency personnel, many of whom are volunteers, who worked so swiftly to address the situation.

I also would like to express my condolences to the family of Mr. McCormick. Again, thank you to everyone there. As a frequent visitor to the area, I take comfort in knowing that I would be well-cared-for should the worst happen.

Marina Lowry

New York City


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