A parking nightmare is awaiting

To the editor:

Art Lussi is 100% correct when he says the apartment buildings being considered for this village don’t have enough parking spaces. And APA staff member Devon Korn doesn’t know human behavior well. Does he really think folks will park in public parking spaces and walk to where they live? Nope. But I can tell you what will happen instead.

There is an apartment building next door at 114 Broadway. When tenants fail to find parking for this building, they’ll park in spaces meant for tenants of 114 Broadway only. How about Nicastro’s building on the left?

Yes, they’ll take spaces meant for his tenants only. How about the empty lot next to me? They’ll park there as well. And how about the parking lot on the hill meant for the tenants of the big apartment building up the street from me? They’ll park there as well. They’ll also park in the street where the road got widened in 1999 across from the fire house. The two-hour parking limit will be ignored, trust me on that.

Mr. Korn needs to realize that folks don’t walk anymore. They want to park right in front of where they’re going. Public parking in this village is a small lot right next to Adirondack Audiologists. There’s another one next to the Rusty Nail bar. And there is a big one in back of the businesses on Main Street. Does anybody think folks living in this building are going to bother to park there when there’s plenty of available spaces closer to where they live? Never mind that those spaces belong to someone else! They’ll park there anyway.

I couldn’t believe that Art Lussi said this project is 40 parking spaces short! This means that if/when this building goes up, parking in this neighborhood will be a nightmare! I see folks parking in any empty spot they can find. It wouldn’t surprise me if some folks even park in the lot for the VA clinic on Depot Street!

The people proposing this project are from Hudson Valley. They’re not going to care about the parking problem their building will create, as it won’t affect them. But who would want to live there if they couldn’t be guaranteed their own “assigned” parking space? And indoor/outdoor bicycle storage areas? Nice idea, but you can’t ride a bicycle in the winter months!

I am appalled that the parking issue for this project was just tossed aside like it didn’t matter. Art Lussi was the only one using common sense. If I sound angry about this I am. I’m NOT looking forward to the parking nightmare being created should this project be built. I anticipate lots of angry property owners and tenants in adjoining buildings and empty lots. The APA had no business approving this project minus 40 parking spaces.

Wendy Foley

Saranac Lake


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