Neighbors don’t like Rabideau’s townhouse plan

To the editor:

Probably not a question that most people think about or are even are concerned with. However, this is exactly the question that the village of Saranac Lake Development Board is currently trying to answer.

Recently, a local developer, Cedar Ridge Holdings Inc., also known as Rabideau Corp., submitted a site plan application to build four three-bedroom, 2.5-bathroom townhouses, along with an existing single-story, two-bedroom home. All five units will be located on a lot that is less than a half-acre in size. This property is located on the corner of Duprey Street and Tara Drive in a neighborhood populated with single-family homes.

Most of the property owners on Duprey Street attended a public hearing with the Development Board last week voicing their strong objections to this application. The main reasons cited were the number and density of the townhouses on a lot that small; concerns about the additional traffic and safety; parking concerns; and the strong possibility these will become short-term rentals. There were many more concerns not listed here.

The representative from Rabideau Corp. has stated publicly that the plans, as submitted, are all within the village code. This could very well be true. However, based on comments from the Development Board members, it appears the code has never been applied to this type of project, in a residential setting such as this. Herein is their challenge.

So why should anyone not living in this neighborhood be concerned? It’s simple: The Development Board members will have the final say-so, regardless of what the people in this neighborhood say. Since the decision will be based on their interpretation of the existing code and not a request for a variance, it will most likely set precedence for future development of these types of townhouses within the village of Saranac Lake. Will you be OK with having townhouses located next to your home?

If you are a residential property owner in Saranac Lake and this concerns you, we encourage you to contact the village Development Board at ceo2@saranaclakeny.gov to obtain more information.

Si Flores and Cathy Wigger on behalf of concerned property owners in the Duprey Street and Tara Drive neighborhood

Saranac Lake


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