Cobb has my vote

To the editor:

Electing Tedra Cobb is key to moving us from surviving to thriving.

Tedra has lived here in the North Country for 30 years. She has raised a family here with her husband Scott. A graduate of SUNY Potsdam, Tedra has worked in our communities, volunteered in our communities and focused on improving health care in our communities.

She was a corrections counselor, a volunteer firefighter and worked for rural health testing and education. In 1999, Tedra started a community health agency, expanding access to health care to thousands of northern New Yorkers.

Tedra is experienced at drawing people together and finding common ground. She is a two-term St. Lawrence County legislator. As a legislator, she led substantial ethics reform and a successful initiative to lower the cost of prescription drugs. 

I strongly support Tedra as next congresswoman for the North Country.

I have known Tedra for several years, and I know she is a good person, an honest person. I trust her. Tedra cares deeply for the welfare of the people of the district. She is in touch with the needs of the average person in the district, because she has lived here for three decades. Tedra is dedicated to public service. She supports our families and businesses in the North Country, and recognizes how important health coverage is to our success.

I have seen Tedra draw together people about what connects us, not what divides us, to solve problems, and to get results. And I know that Tedra seeks this congressional role to serve us, the people of the North Country, not as a stepping stone for her career.

Tedra Cobb has my vote. I hope you will join me in electing Tedra the next congressional representative for the 21st District.

Lindy Ellis

Saranac Lake


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