Town of Tupper Lake needs to stop speeders

To the editor:

Regarding the article in the Tupper Lake (Free Press) paper as of July 22 about speeding complaints, I think the town needs to wake up. They should be able to respond better to taxpayers’ concerns before someone gets hurt by speeders.

The supervisor of this town does not want to give anything she doesn’t have to. The money is there; don’t kid yourself. Where did the money go that she saved by not helping the village with the cost of the beautiful fireworks that the village put on?

In one paragraph she said people complained about the road not being paved, but she then stated that this makes it a speedway. I hope this was just her way of trying to be funny. She needs to come down to the real world or be replaced.

Regarding speeders on Route 30 across from Sunmount, both day and evening speeding is rampant. Is this under the town’s control, or is it the state’s? Or do we wait until someone is killed or injured because they have to walk on the road? Whoever is responsible, they need to have better control. The speed is 30 mph coming out of the village and changes to 40 mph in front of Sunmount, but not many cars are seen to abide by this.

Perhaps the sidewalk should be repaired. Then people could use it and not risk their lives by walking on the road. How about enforcing the speed limit that is posted? Or, as the article states, “Let’s leave it to the professionals.”

What does the town board consist of, a bunch of nothings who won’t make any decisions? If that’s the case, they should resign now. Maybe we should get more serious about the town and village merging and becoming one. Then there would be better control.

John A. Klimm

Tupper Lake


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