Contrast in opinions

To the editor:

The three letters to the editor in Friday’s issue were certainly contrasting.

While I am not a musician or a music lover of any particular merit, nor even a native-born Tri-Laker, I really enjoyed Amy Catania’s “Letter from the Porch: gifts of music” regarding the Benero family’s contribution to the Saranac Lake community many years ago. It was a fine historical reminder, respectfully written, to emphasize the good that can be given by residents who care about others in the neighborhood. Thank you, Amy!

And Mike Campisi’s “Frustrated” certainly echoed what I, and most rational folks I think, believe should be happening when he urges us to rise above the biases and “poor me” attitudes to join with those who have already stepped up to serve others in need. Support the efforts of our local organizations and governments at all levels instead of denigrating their every attempt to deal with crises. Be part of a solution, not the problem. Well written, Mike, and thank you for speaking out.

The contrast I mentioned above is so woefully evident in the third offering by Betty Palin in her “Trump is a bad president,” wherein she again, as in prior writings, hatefully castigates the president, accusing him of all sorts of misdeeds. Such venom prompts the query, “What events in her life have fostered such obvious negativity?” Surely it can’t be simple partisan politics over the loss by Hillary Clinton of the election in 2016. One could imagine the president, if he was even aware of Betty, might be tempted to tweet, “POOR BETTY, SO SAD!”

Gene Hibbard

Lake Placid


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