Wish I could vote for Ellis

To the editor:

With regard to Lindy Ellis, I have only one complaint: I live just across the line in Essex County, so I’m unable to vote for her. However, I want to let everyone in Franklin County know why you should vote for her!

I’ve worked with Lindy on various volunteer projects, and this is what I’ve experienced: She is a tireless worker! Her eye never strays from the goal and her aim is always to achieve the maximum benefit for the greatest number of people. Lindy is a natural leader. She listens to others’ opinions and options. She is energetic, committed, eager to embrace new ideas, find solutions and complete the project she signed up for. She is always ready with new and creative ideas of her own, to pitch in wherever she sees a need, and she is completely unflappable.

Lindy is a woman of her word. She’s also an enthusiastic team player and a smiling, unfailing cheerleader for her constituents and the communities they live in. I can’t think of anyone I would recommend more highly than Lindy Ellis for another term as county legislator. Franklin County is lucky to have her.

Franny Preston

Saranac Lake