Why I support Rand for North Elba supervisor

To the editor:

In a word, it’s Jay Rand’s outstanding character, integrity and honesty, in addition to his in-depth understanding of our town’s strengths and challenges.

I have known Jay Rand for decades and have had numerous conversations with him about North Elba and Lake Placid’s future, growth, development and challenges. I have known him and his beautiful family as well. Jay has an ability to translate goals into effective action. Above all else, Jay loves our town and village and has, as long as I have known him, been fully committed to doing what is necessary to move our town and village forward.

As well as our town and village have done, we face challenges requiring intelligent, informed planning to maximize positive outcomes while minimizing negative impacts. I know Jay will address our challenges with effective, fair, well-thought-out action.

Jay’s background in Olympic sport competition, training and planning, the major hallmarks of our region have made Jay very concerned about the health and well-being of our next generation. Jay brings heartfelt concern, compassion and a will to do what is necessary to help our young citizens overcome the scourge of drugs and addiction.

Jay’s highly recognized tenure at Whiteface Mountain and the Olympic Jumping Center’s managerial positions required tremendous executive skill and diplomacy to succeed with such complex operations so necessary to the health and well-being of our community. His managerial experience and success means Jay has highly developed and invaluable executive skills which would be an outstanding asset as North Elba’s supervisor.

Jay will do a great job in moving North Elba forward. He has my full confidence.

Dr. Raymond Havlicek

Lake Placid