Stefanik also undermining inquiry

To the editor:

Why is it Rep. Elise Stefanik’s loyalty to Donald Trump has become secondary to our national security interests? She called for Chairman Schiff to step down after reading the whistleblower testimony before committee review; however, it’s rather clear why the whistleblower would have brought his testimony to Schiff in advance of committee briefings.

Stefanik pledged she would “stand up for President Trump” prior to reviewing the facts. All this despite Trump using language that harkens back to days when whistleblowers, or spies (his word), were executed by the state. This behavior is akin to witness tampering. As this person fears for their welfare, of course they will not bring testimony before Trump’s steadfast supporters, like Stefanik. Trump and Stefanik have played party politics from day one, undermining the integrity of the inquiry process.

I am not calling for Trump to be impeached; rather, Congress must be allowed to review the facts of the case. Stefanik is doing what she can to prevent that from occurring. She is not exercising the impartiality required to serve on the committee, and she should reexamine her priorities and uphold her oath to defend the Constitution.

Trevor Sussey

Saranac Lake


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