Lindy Ellis for reelection

To the editor:

I am writing to support Lindy Ellis in her reelection as Franklin County legislator. I have come to know Lindy as someone who cares for our community, our children and our families. We have known each other for over nine years, working together on fundraisers and celebrations, and in support of the Saranac Lake Youth Center and the SkatePark.

Even before becoming legislator in June 2018, Lindy was well known for her support and promotion of economic development, the arts, health and safety, our adult center, and improving our parks and trails. I’ve also observed her support and promotion of our youth and young adults. Here is what I value in Lindy.

She is very approachable and kind. She helps the youth in our communities to learn new skills, coaching them in a new language and building projects.

In my position as former Youth Center Director for seven years, Lindy was very supportive of the Saranac Lake Youth Center, donating her time and personal goods to make the center more enjoyable for our young people. Without her consistent support over these past nine years the Youth Center may not be thriving as it currently is.

Lindy cares about the safety of our young and our older citizens. Teaming with the Youth Center leaders, they advocated with the Department of Transportation to improve the crosswalk safety at the intersection of Woodruff and Church streets. The enhanced signs have made a noticeable improvement. Lindy successfully advocated for crosswalk safety in the rest of Saranac Lake, at the DeChantal Apartments and at Tops. She is currently advocating for the Saranac Lake Adult Center.

She teams with many other community leaders to protect our youth from drugs and the opioid epidemic. Lindy encourages young adults to be active, enjoying sports and being creative with skateboarding. The most important asset any community has is the youth that not only grow up here BUT stay here and contribute to keep our community strong and vibrant. Kids that grow up here that have positive experiences are more apt to stay here as adults. I believe that families and taxpayers are well represented by Lindy Ellis. I hope my friends and neighbors will turn out to vote for Lindy’s reelection in November.

Diane Roberts

Saranac Lake


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