Save America

To the editor:

Tell me America are you ready to die?

Yes, America, are you ready to die because of this so-called president?

You know, the one who wants to become president again in 2020. The one who wants to start war with other people or countries like China or Korea.

The one who will poison our air with nuke missiles or kill our lands and animals and water with the nukes, that’s suppose to stop hurricanes and other storms.

The one who wants to raise our taxes some more, take away our health plans and others. Is this the one you want, who doesn’t care about the people of the USA?

The one who lies through his teeth to help the USA to get what we need? Tell me, are you really, really ready people?

Are you people under his thumb, or are you going to stand up and fight to save yourselves, are you?

I really hope we all have a backbone to fight back and win our freedom from that person.

We have to save America. Step up, people; do what’s right for the USA!

Betty Palin

Tupper Lake


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