To the editor:

Election season is now upon us, which has caused my reflection on the current state of affairs. I soon realized that we are being governed by a single political party from the top on down. I respectfully suspect that such a state is not in everyone’s interest. I remind your readers that the Democratic Party is in complete control of our entire system of governance. FYI, this party controls the governor and the lieutenant governor’s offices, New York state attorney general, the New York state Senate, New York state Assembly, Franklin County Legislature, town of Harrietstown, village of Saranac Lake, both U.S. senators and a majority of US House members.

I often wonder just what the “Voters for Change” stand for. Last election cycle their headquarters on Broadway was full of posters supporting only Democrat candidates. They now have ample opportunities for “change.” Only time will tell. Stay tuned!

Joe Spadaro

Saranac Lake