My response to the movie ‘Unplanned’

To the editor:

I was given the opportunity to coordinate a pre-release of “Unplanned” thanks to the hard work by 40 Days For Life National Team. We had a full house, and everyone I spoke with was very grateful to be able to see the movie.

“Unplanned” was produced quite simply and truthfully, following the book of the same title.

The movie is bloody, as is abortion. Two abortion procedures were shown: 1) medical, where the child is sucked out of the womb at 13th week of pregnancy, and 2) chemical, done prior to the ninth week — first pill destroys the baby, second pill expels the baby. Most people aren’t aware there are doctors trained to do abortion pill reversal; a baby’s life can be rescued if the mother changes her mind after that first pill. 

The movie did not go into too much detail of what happens to the mother of the baby that has been aborted. Many of the women looked sad, confused, angry, betrayed. Post-abortion syndrome can go on for years, silently, leaving women and men feeling they are alone, unable to find forgiveness. There are many healing programs available for women, men, grandparents, anyone who is negatively affected from an abortion.

Because the movie affects everyone in many different ways, contact information was made available at the end of the movie. If you would like to speak to someone, just call or text to 855-801-HOPE (4673).

Someone who cares is waiting to speak with you.

Nancy Belzile