Yes, abortion is complicated, but how can we allow it right up to birth?

To the editor:

It’s hard to find the words to describe the shame and sadness that comes with being a New Yorker after the passing of legislation that allows for the abortion of a baby until the day of his or her birth. The argument concerning the beginning of life at conception is behind us. We now celebrate the taking of a life of a recognizable, developed unborn child, possibly a child fully capable of surviving outside the womb. Yes, let’s paint the town pink.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a Democrat or a Republican, a Trump hater or lover; this is plain barbarism. No logical thinking human being, even in the name of a woman’s freedom of choice, can believe otherwise. We are not given the right or choice to kill. Oh, there are those who will argue that only in extreme cases where the mother’s life is endangered will this be done, but the law’s language allows for a much greater latitude than this. Who is to make the decision regarding who lives or dies? These are dangerous waters, a slippery slope toward infanticide.

The circumstances that lead to the choice of an abortion are often complex: wrought with pain and difficulty, loneliness and shame. How can anyone who hasn’t been there understand? A pregnancy totally changes the life of the mother. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but how, how can we possibly choose to kill the babies.

There is hardly a more divisive issue in our times, and these words are surely to offend. But when it comes to life, it’s no time to be silent. For those who would fight for the lives of the unborn — and more specifically, the soon-to-be-born — stand up and be heard. May God help us all.


Mike Black

Long Lake