Paul’s Picks revisited

To the editor:

Cuomo, Hochul, Gillibrand and Little won because they are popular, if prickly in Andrew’s case, incumbents. Letitia James won because she is well-known as the New York City public advocate. Lindy Ellis won because she ran a flawless campaign.

Stephanie Miner lost because she is an unknown downstate. Emily Martz lost because, although she is full of ability and conviction, she doesn’t have enough political experience. I hope she goes to work for the new Senate majority staff.

Jordanna Mallach almost won. Her experience as an Army supply officer is a perfect fit for a job which is mainly supplying the jail with what it needs. She is also smart enough not to fight with the county legislature about overtime, which is a budget killer.

Tedra Cobb lost because she ran as a liberal in a conservative district. She needed to focus more on the economy. She also needed a crossover ballot line where conservatives would vote for her.

Paul Herrmann

Saranac Lake