APA extends deadline for energy policy comments

To the editor:

Dear neighbors:

Recently the Adirondack Park Agency released its “Policy on Renewable Energy Production and Energy Supply Guidance” document (https://apa.ny.gov/_assets/Agency%207%20Energy%20Policy%20-%2010-29-18.pdf), which signals a move toward embracing large wind and solar development inside the Blue Line. The APA has extended its deadline for comments until Dec. 10. We urge you to research and understand what these policies will mean to you and your community, and submit your comments to the APA at publiccomment@apa.ny.gov.

Concerned Citizens for Rural Preservation is a volunteer group of citizens that has spent thousands of hours exhaustively researching and providing information about the industrial wind project that was proposed in Hopkinton and Parishville. That developer has already signed property leases inside the Blue Line. Are there developers prospecting in your town also? We feel compelled to share what we have learned with our neighbors at our website, www.nnywind.com. There, we have attempted to break down and explore various topics relating to the wind industry to try to better understand how they affect our property rights, health and environment. We encourage you to further research each topic to better educate yourself, your friends and family.

Luke Dailey

Concerned Citizens for Rural Preservation