Our top 5 most read stories of 2018

Looking back at 2018, it’s hard to draw conclusions, but it’s still interesting to see which of this area’s news articles people read the most.

We have no way of knowing how many people read each article in print, but for our website we have metrics. Therefore, the top-five list below is simply the articles that got the most readership on www.AdirondackDailyEnterprise.com in 2018.

Our print edition can only be distributed so far from the Tri-Lakes area, but online people can find our articles from all over the world. Therefore, the following list is not just which articles Adirondack residents found the most captivating; many of these drew readers from far away.

For instance, our most read online story — as well as the fifth most — was about a famous comedian who lived in Saranac Lake and performed a controversial stand-up routine here that drew heated criticism and defense from around the country.

Outside interest also drove people to read an article about former President Barack Obama flying into the Adirondacks in June, as well as one about a Long Island extreme runner’s death of heatstroke during the Whiteface Sky Race in Wilmington.

And then there was a story about bedbugs. Gross as they are, people can’t look away. As the article’s author said, “Too much information? That’s what dealing with bedbugs is all about.”

And without further ado, here are the top five, in decreasing order of web viewings:

1. “Comedian rants for a week about negative reaction to racial joke,” news article by Griffin Kelly, March 7

2. “Bedbug stigma helps them spread,” news article by Glynis Hart, May 5

3. “Obama visits Adirondacks via Lake Clear airport,” news article by Peter Crowley, June 23

4. “‘The way he died is the definition of his life’: Sky Racer’s sister, girlfriend say they understand why he ran himself to death,” news article by Peter Crowley, July 4

5. “Twitter blocks Owen Benjamin: YouTube also sanctions comedian after he mocked Parkland survivor,” news article by Griffin Kelly, April 7, 2018

This list only includes articles published in 2018. Why do we bother stating that? Well, in fact the third-and fourth most read stories on our website in the last 12 months were from previous years; they must have been shared nationally this year. They drew more traffic than all but two of the five stories above, but we did not include them there because the point of this little exercise is to see what 2018 news drew the most interest. However, in case we’ve piqued your interest, here they are:

¯ “A story in cars: Hawkeye’s barns held treasures,” news article by Chris Knight, Nov. 26, 2016

¯ “Failure to obey a traffic control device explained,” column by Dave Werner, March 4, 2013

So there you have it, for what it’s worth.