Questions on VTL you want answered? Here’s your chance

The first of these weekly articles on vehicle and traffic law (VTL) and traffic safety was published in the last week of January, 2007. At that time I agreed to do an article per week for at least one year and then review the project. Now, after over 13 years and nearly 700 articles, I am now asking you to suggest some subjects to write about. Many ideas for my articles resulted from my daily activity of driving here, there, and everywhere and observing other drivers. And, travels around the US and Canada as well as a couple of trips to Europe gave me ideas for articles that might be of interest to many readers.

Now, with travel restricted and stay home mandates, I’m not exposed to the daily observations of traffic in Franklin County and elsewhere like before the COVID-19 pandemic. So, here’s your chance to send me an email or give me a phone call with any questions you may have that are about VTL, signs, signals, and pavement markings controlled by the national Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices, or traffic safety in general. I’ll see what comes in and will address some of the issues you suggest. I’d be willing to bet that there won’t be many, if any, that I haven’t written about previously, but if I haven’t done anything recently, or if I get some new ideas that haven’t been addressed before, I’ll try to do so.

I certainly don’t know all the answers on VTL, MUTCD, and traffic safety, but I have references here at my house and many contacts with all branches of enforcement, NYS DOT, FHWA, Cornell Local Roads Program, to name a few, with experts that I can lean on for assistance.

So here’s your chance to get your question(s) addressed. The best way is to send me an email to HYPERLINK “mailto:dwerner151@verizon.net” dwerner151@verizon.net or call me at 518-483-1882 and if I’m not home, just leave a message. Please include your phone number so if I don’t write about it I can email or call you and either get more information or perhaps give you an answer directly.

Thanks from me and the county traffic safety board for your continued interest in making our roads safer to drive on. Keep safe, both at home and on the road.


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