Devlin tests positive for COVID-19

Art Devlin (Photo provided)

LAKE PLACID — Lake Placid Village Mayor Art Devlin tested positive for COVID-19 last week.

Devlin said he tested positive last Monday and was symptomatic for around four days, describing allergy-like symptoms that had him reaching for the tissue box — “It’s a messy little critter,” he said — but he’s now asymptomatic. Devlin said he’s “vaxxed to the max” — he’s had two doses of a vaccine and one booster dose.

Devlin had a busy week last week, from board meetings to a White House ceremony celebrating local Olympians and a banquet for the Lake Placid Volunteer Fire Department. Devlin said he kept in contact with fire department Chief Torry Hoffman to let him know he’d tested positive, and when Devlin circled back with Hoffman Sunday, he said no one from the banquet had reported any illnesses. Devlin said he also visited a 92-year-old woman for around two-and-a-half hours last Sunday, and she didn’t contract COVID-19.

Devlin guessed he became contagious last Sunday night before testing positive the next day, and before his wife tested positive three days later.

Devlin said on Monday, one week after his positive test result, that he planned to attend a public hearing and village board meeting that day while wearing an N95 mask.

According to current pandemic-related guidelines set by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, a person who tests positive should stay home and isolate for five days. The day someone tests positive for COVID-19, or the first day they’re symptomatic, is considered day zero of the isolation period.

After that, the CDC says, people should wear a mask while around others for at least an additional five days. Devlin said he tested positive this past Monday, which means that he’s on day seven of his illness. Devlin said he reached out to “anyone that even comes to a meeting” to gauge their comfort with him attending tonight’s meeting, and he said no one seemed opposed.

“I didn’t want to make anyone uncomfortable,” he said.

Devlin’s 10-day masking period will end on Thursday, according to CDC guidelines.

Devlin plans to give state Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli a tour of Main Street, and possibly some state Olympic Regional Development Authority facilities, on Tuesday. Devlin said he reached out to DiNapoli’s aide to alert them that he’d tested positive for COVID-19; DiNapoli’s aide responded that everything could go according to schedule as long as Devlin followed CDC guidelines.


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