Skunk ‘reeks’ havoc in Washington County building

A skunk is about to enter a Washington County building in this photo taken from surveillance video. (Provided photo — Don Lehman, The Post-Star)

FORT EDWARD — Washington County employees arrived to work on Wednesday to find a malodorous situation as a skunk invaded Building B of the Municipal Center complex overnight and apparently became quite perturbed.

County workers were ripping up carpet and airing out the building Wednesday morning after a nuisance wildlife expert was brought in to locate and capture the invader.

The complex was open for business Wednesday, though some doors were temporarily blocked off as cleanup was ongoing.

Argyle Supervisor Robert Henke, chairman of the county Board of Supervisors, said the stinky situation began around midnight Tuesday, when the striped insurgent entered through a door that was opened by a departing employee.

Henke said the intrusion was filmed by a surveillance camera, as an attorney who stayed for a late-night court appearance opened a door to leave.

“The skunk just walked right in as he left,” Henke said.

It then proceeded to wander the hallways and stairways, and spray wherever it felt the need to. Henke said carpets in a number of areas were stained and had to be taken up. There was concern some wallpaper may have to be removed as well.

“We have all of the doors open to try to air it out,” he said.

Building B houses the Department of Social Services, county attorney and Public Defender’s Office, among others.

Doors to the building were open as of late morning Wednesday, with the odor evident in the parking lot when the breeze blew through. A sign was up with a picture of the skunk, identified as “suspect.”

“This sort of thing isn’t in your emergency plan,” Henke deadpanned.