Tupper man saves his beagle from attacking dog

Police had shot attacking dog once already after separate attack in September

Sadie-Jo, a beagle belonging to Dave Bedore, was attacked by a German shepherd Feb. 28 and is recovering well from her wounds. (Photo provided)

TUPPER LAKE — A man and his pet are recovering from bites from a Feb. 28 attack by another dog — the same animal that had been shot by a village police officer while attacking another Tupper Lake dog in September 2018.

Dave Bedore of Tupper Lake said he was walking his 9-year-old beagle, Sadie-Jo, on McLaughlin Avenue Thursday when a black German shepherd blindsided him, biting him on the hand and grabbing Sadie-Jo by the neck.

“I thought the dog was going to kill her,” Bedore said.

Village police officer Connor Hesseltine witnessed the attack and said the German shepherd had snapped its chain leash and run across the road to Bedore.

Bedore said he tried to get Sadie-Jo into his arms, but he had just finished physical therapy two days before, from a neck surgery in October, so he had limited motion.

A bite mark on Dave Bedore’s beagle, Sadie-Jo, heals after she was attacked by a German shepherd Feb. 28. (Provided photo — Dave Bedore)

“I put my knee into the dog, got right down on the ground and got my hand in its mouth, and my dog got free,” Bedore said.

Though he had gloves on, his hand was still punctured, and he said he hurt his neck again. He said Sadie-Jo is recovering well. Though the beagle had several puncture wounds on its back and her side, nothing vital was hit, Bedore said.

He said he has been experiencing headaches from his injury, but that is not the only headache he has. Sadie-Jo’s emergency care resulted in a $415 veterinarian bill.

According to Bedore and Mark Dewyea — who said they have talked with veterinarians, village police and town dog control Officer Wayne LaPierre — this is the same dog that attacked Dewyea’s silky terrier, Jackson Browne, six months ago. Hesseltine confirmed that the German shepherd has been involved in other incidents of violence.

Bedore said veterinarians at High Peaks Animal Hospital in Ray Brook were familiar with the dog.

“When I brought my dog in and told them it was attacked by a big black German shepherd, they knew the dog,” Bedore said.

“I’ve walked by (the dog) before, many times while taking my dog for a walk,” he added. “It’s always lunging at you.”

Hesseltine said the dog’s owner is Brian Demars.

Hesseltine said village police are not pursuing charges because LaPierre is. LaPierre declined to comment for this article, but according to Hesseltine, Demars has been charged with two violations: permitting a dog to run at large and permitting or allowing a dog to kill or injure another dog.

The case was heard in town court Tuesday afternoon.