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1184 days ago.
by Moosepsc

No love for the ADE forums?

It may not get the exposure that comment section does under articles, but I still can't believe how little activity this medium, that the ADE generously provides us, receives. This seems like it would be a great place to debate topics, share information and learn from one another while bringing a higher level of discussion than what typically develops in the comment sections. Bringing forward relevant, perhaps overlooked locally-based issues in this forum could potentially help shape the future stories at the ADE. Some posters that visit this site daily could bring a lot to the table in developing what they see as overlooked issues, while ultimately refining their arguments through some healthy discourse just right here. *If* I were a betting man, I would say that this suggestion will be met with piercing silence. But hey, figured I'd give it a shot.


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Seems a little redundant with facebook. Peop, e are on that 24 7. It send a email when some posts to your comment. Convergenge of tech ology seems to be the way most people are heading..I do read the comments some times, and on e in a while post..however saranac lake police does a great job of posting arrests, people coment on that..I belong to other organizations that have a presence on facebook... make my life with limited time more effient.

Posted 1184 days ago.

For the most part the poll questions are poor and the responses become personal attacks and name calling. There's does not seem to be a healthy discussion in the forums. I agree that forum comments don't belong in the newspaper.

Posted 1370 days ago.

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