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1101 days ago.
by LozerBoozer
Rocky Horror Fan Club of the ADK's

Posts: 2 - We are gathering Rocky Horror Picture Show fans from around the ADK's for fun, chat, and antici - - - (say it!) - - - pation. Check us out on Facebook at facebook .

1115 days ago.
by LozerBoozer
What funny thing happened to you on the way to this forum?

Posts: 2 - My "stage name" here will be "Gluteus Maximus."

1183 days ago.
by Moosepsc
No love for the ADE forums?

Posts: 2 - It may not get the exposure that comment section does under articles, but I still can't believe how little activity this medium, that the ADE generously provides us, receives.

2011 days ago.
Readership Reaction to ADE's "New Day Online".

Posts: 0 - On virtually all of the online forums I participate in, posters understand once a certain threshold has been reached, off-topic postings - filled with personal attacks - offer moderators little...