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Saranac Lake Fun Run results (Aug. 1)

August 5, 2013
Adirondack Daily Enterprise

SARANAC LAKE - The Saranac Lake Fun Run series takes place every Thursday through Aug. 22 in Riverside Park, with runners of all ages taking on different distances.

The free races start at 6 p.m. The event is sponsored by the village of Saranac Lake and Adirondack Health. For more information or questions, contact Andy Pickreign at 524-3557 or .

The following are the results from Thursday's races:


Aug. 1

1/4 Mile

Michaela Gillis1:32
Bobby Hammond1:42
Max Hall1:46
Ayla Small1:48
Elizabeth Harvey1:51
Brayden Harvey1:55
Paul Fogarty1:59
Katherine Hammond2:00
David Montroy2:01
Kathleen Montroy2:02
Ayden McCormick2:03
Conor Gillis2:09
Stephanie Kilbourne-Hill2:29
Jatie Colby2:37
Thomas Kilbourne-Hill2:56
Amelia Evans3:19
Mason Estling3:24
Abilene Varner3:45
1/2 Mile
Michaela Gillis4:01
Bobby Hammond4:14
Max Hall4:45
Elizabeth Harvey4:48
Conor Gillis5:10
Alex Evans5:18
Caleb Tuggle5:22
David Montroy5:23
Marley Small5:27
Katherine Hammond5:29
Stephanie Kilbourne-Hill5:48
1 Mile
Emma Peer8:51
Jackson Small9:46
2 Mile
Amy Catania15:43
Peter Fogarty16:03
Quin Peer16:04
Madison Grimone16:37
Maggie Peer17:59
Louis Catania18:00
James Catania18:02
Nils Pederson18:02
Morgan Paul18:21
Leonie Mohrs21:42
2.8 Mile
DJ Racette18:33
Adam Branch21:15
Scott Hall22:11
Rylee Preston25:25
Evan Brenner25:39
Mark Carter29:25
Maria DeAngelo32:15
3.7 Mile
Alexei Tumanov24:42
Doug Hazeldon24:46
Max Paul25:32
Markus Mohrs26:02
Matt Paul26:10
Jeremy Evans26:35
Marcus Welte27:10
Egidio Torrado27:21
Jennifer Starrett27:34
Johanna Mohrs28:22
Morgan Ryan28:34
Anders Pederson30:09
Brad Varner30:18
Mike Verner30:24
Ron Brenner30:38
Katya Mohrs30:57
Hoaken Pederson31:55
Craig Stevens33:08
Cindy Sells34:01
Larry Kummer34:01
Nicole Starrett35:25
Cindy Varner36:38
Evan Greenberg53:13



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