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Adirondack accidents

November 17, 2012
By HOWARD RILEY , Adirondack Daily Enterprise

The Enterprise published a list of accidental deaths from November 1899 to November 1900 "a list of those who either met their death by accidental shooting, drowning or from exhaustion during the past year."

Now, as we used to say here at the Enterprise, "all the news that fits, we print." The partial list follows:

"Nov. 28: D. L. F. Bullis, Chief Engineer of the Saranac Lake Fire Department, accidentally shot himself while hunting foxes below Lake Colby. The contents of one barrel entered the abdomen on the left side. His death occurred that night."

"Dec. 11: Frank A. Giles, of Leonardsville, Madison County, died as a result of a shooting accident which occurred on Dec. 5th while he was hunting with Clayton Searles. While Searles was climbing through a fence his gun was discharged and the shot entered the legs of Giles, who died from blood poisoning."

"Dec. 15: Stephen Burtis, of Gouverneur, when about to start upon a hunting trip, fell downstairs and the contents of the shotgun he carried were discharged into his abdomen."

"Jan. 8: Clay Branch was killed by the discharge of his gun while hunting in the eastern part of Lewis County."

"Jan. 27: Rees E. Thomas, of Utica, a well-known lawyer, was killed by his own gun while hunting at Moose River. Mr. Thomas was examining the gun when his finger accidentally touched the trigger."

"Jan. 28: Frederick Towne was instantly killed by his brother, Arthur, at Owl's Head. Arthur aimed at a squirrel on a stump and hit Frederick in the head."

"April 24: John Oprey, of Saranac Lake, was drowned in Pine Pond, while fishing with several well-known Adirondack Guides."

"May 14: E. M. Fields and C. J. Lawrence, were drowned in Lake Placid while putting out buoys; both were well-known guides and members of Court Lake Placid, I.O.F."

"July 27: A son of Josiah Russell of New York was shot and killed by a boy at Palmerville. The boy was shooting at a crow."

"Aug. 4: Henry Gonven, a hotel guide, was drowned in Chazy Lake. He was returning from Chazy Lake Landing where he had rowed W. W. Caunuaghty, Superintendent of the Chateaugay Railroad, when the boat overturned and he was drowned."

"Aug. 6: Dick Croak fell off the bridge near Branch & Callanan's mill in Saranac Lake and was drowned."

"Aug. 15: The colored chef, of Rainbow Camp on Lower Saranac Lake, was drowned while watching the Venetian parade on Lower Saranac Lake."

"Aug. 24: Guy Goff, youngest son of Mr. and Mrs. W. J. Goff, of Malone, fell off a dock at Mountain View and was drowned."

"Aug. 29: Richard Tyler of New York, was drowned in Mirror Lake while teaching his nephew to swim."

"Sept. 8: John Leo, an employee of the Hotel Ampersand, was drowned while crossing Lower Saranac Lake."

"Sept. 27: Charles Bailey, of Philadelphia, and Mrs. Selina A. Kerr, of New York, were wounded at a shooting preserve near North Creek. A shot fired by Dr. Dade passed through the body of Mr. Bailey and into the leg of Mrs. Kerr. Mrs. Kerr suffered the amputation of a leg. Both have recovered and were married in New York last week."

"Sept. 27: Miss Florence Litchtenham, of New Amsterdam, preceptress of the Piercefield High School, was drowned in the rapids of the Racquette River near Piercefield."

"Oct. 4: Howard Fetterly, of Euclid, was mistaken for a deer by John App and shot through the heart."

"Oct. 5: Eli Garrett, of Monticello, was killed by a New York hunter. A partridge flew up near Garrett, who was a guide, and the excited hunter shot Garrett full in the face."

"Oct. 29: Marcus Earle, a Boonville guide, was shot and killed by Dr. W. B. Palmer, of Utica, while hunting on Moose River. Palmer thought Earle was a bear."

"Nov. 9: Peter Sheffield, town clerk of Duane, Franklin County, was shot and killed by another sportsman who took him for a deer."

"Nov. 11: Ezra Davis, of Middletown, was killed by his son while hunting. The lad attempted to discharge his weapon, which was an old musket, but the lock would not work. Davis walked toward his son, when the gun exploded."

"Nov. 11: Henry Lemaire, of Plattsburgh perished in a snowstorm while hunting near Lyon Mountain."

"Nov. 12: Peter Welch, of Boreas, a blacksmith, died in a snowstorm during a hunting expedition."

"Nov. 12: Walter Johnson, of Olmsteadville, was found dead near Hewitt Lake, where he was hunting. There was a gunshot wound in his body and it is thought that this and exposure caused his death."



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