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Last thoughts

October 26, 2012
Adirondack Daily Enterprise

To the editor:

Over the past four years, I've provided lots of evidence against our president. He told us that if he didn't turn things around in three years, he'd be facing the proposition of a one-term presidency.

Here again are the facts to prove he hasn't earned a second term. The economy is limping along at a growth rate of less than 2 percent. The national debt hit $16 trillion during the Democratic National Convention (how poetic). Impending taxes from Obamacare will hit the middle class hard and hurt business expansion. Food stamps and welfare spending have increased substantially. The president prefers to appease our sworn enemies and neglects our friends, especially Israel.

But my final argument is this: On Sept. 11, 2012, our Libyan consulate was attacked by terrorists, which resulted in the deaths of four Americans including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens. According to reports, he was also sodomized. (Editor's note: This allegation has not been verified. It was made early on by Lebanese news site and widely repeated on blogs.)

Before you go to the polls, I want you to consider what might have been the last dying thoughts of Ambassador Stevens. Did he not fear for his safety long before the attack? Did he wonder why requests for more security were not granted? Did he feel betrayed by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and President Obama? Did he think of his family?

When I asked a friend how Mr. Stevens might have felt during this ordeal, he gave me a profound answer. The ambassador, he said, must have felt "alone."

On Nov. 6, let's begin to believe in America once more. Please cast your vote for Mitt Romney.

John P. Sharkey




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