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Obama doesn’t set gas prices

October 2, 2012
Adirondack Daily Enterprise

To the editor:

They must think we are most ignorant when they ask us to believe that Obama is responsible for increased gas prices. The president doesn't set gas prices; that is done by Big Oil and its Wall Street cronies. They want prices to be rising so that we will vote for their friend Mr. Romney, whose energy plan is to expand fossil fuel extractions no matter the cost to our planet and people's health. If elected, they will make a financial killing. That is why Mr. Romney wants to cease subsidies for clean energy alternatives.

President Obama, while recognizing our current need of fossil fuels, would have us begin looking closely at clean energy such as wind, solar and geothermal. Subsidizing such will make them more competitive, just what Big Oil doesn't want. It would lower their obscene profits. So keep gas prices up, blame it on Obama, get their lackey Romney elected, and continue the greed, pollution and control of the nation's energy.

While calling the president ineffective, they have done everything they can to thwart his efforts to revive the economy. His good Jobs Bill - which would have provided teachers, fire and police, clean energy and jobs repairing our crumbling infastructure - they would have none of. They work to sabotage the economy so they can make the president look ineffective. Their politics over the needs of our nation's people should be rewarded with a solid drubbing in this November's election. We are not as blind and ignorant as they suppose. We're on to them.

Bill Cooper




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