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Message to all registered Republicans

June 25, 2012
Adirondack Daily Enterprise

To the editor:

If you are a registered Republican, you need to vote in the Tuesday primary.

In the new 21st Congressional District, formerly the New York 23rd and the new 22nd, you have the choice of two real

Republican candidates within each district.

It is very important to define what a real Republican is. In the past 30-plus years, the party has moved to the left on social issues with very little fiscal restraint, as proven by its allowing the deficit and debt

to grow out of control with the exception from 1996 to 2000. That must have been a good thing because Former President Bill Clinton takes credit for that as a major accomplishment in his administration.

The rest of the time, so called Republicans aka, R.I.N.Os - Republicans In Name Only -?have gone along to get along, been bullied and intimidated to "Compromise," to always cross the aisle to the Democrats in fear of being called "Radical and Extreme."

If you take a little time to read the GOP 2008 party platform, values, the party is suppose to adhere to while vetting candidates running for elected office. You'll find that Kellie Greene, of Sackets Harbor, (21st Congressional District) and Mike Kicinski, Earlville (22nd Congressional District) are the real Republicans and true

conservatives, based on the values of the GOP Platform.

I've known Kicinski while his town was part of the 23rd Congressional District while working on the Doug Hoffman campaign. I've known Greene for almost eight months. Both Greene and Kicinski are real Republicans and true conservatives, both committed to represent, WE The People of their districts.

They both have put principle over party and will stand and think on their own without being influenced with political correctness or winning the approval of the party establishment.

Greene and Kicinski can both add two plus two, and get four, balance a checkbook and will study and understand proposed legislation before voting. By doing so, that will truly be a radical and extreme departure from the culture in Washington, D.C. That's a start, to point our great nation in the direction of productivity and prosperity by helping those capable, needing a hand up to become proud and happy


Ron Deeley

Watertown, in the new 21st Congressional District

Formerly from Camden, now the 22nd Congressional District



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