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Test your V&T IQ — answers, round 2

March 3, 2012
By DAVE WERNER ( , Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Last week we presented 20 questions plus a bonus question on vehicle and traffic law and safety. Today we give you the answers.

1. If you have a green light, is it permissible to enter an intersection to turn left if there is oncoming traffic? Yes. You may enter the intersection to prepare for your left turn if the light is green and no other vehicle ahead of you is preparing for a left turn. [NYS Driver's manual]

2. Driving along a rural road you hit a cat. Do you have to stop by law? Yes. [Article 601- includes horse, dog, cat, or animal classified as cattle]

3.In a school zone, posted at 20 mph, during what times on school days do you have to obey this speed limit? From 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. [article 1180(c)(1)]

4. On a street or road with a median, if a school bus is stopped on the other side of the median with red lights flashing must you stop? Yes. [NYS Driver's Manual]

5. While driving, your cell phone rings. You put on your right turn signal, pull over to the side of the road and answer your phone. While you complete your conversation, you leave your right turn signal on. Is this a violation? Yes. Turn signals must not be flashed on one side only on a parked or disabled vehicle. Hazard lights must be used. [article 1163(d) & (e)]

6. True or false - a school bus traveling with students on an interstate highway with a posted speed limit of 65 mph must not exceed 55 mph. True. [NYCRR 156.3]

7. T or F- a clear, plastic license plate cover is allowed to protect the license. False. Number plates shall not be covered by glass or any plastic material. [402(1)(b)]

8. T or F - a speeding ticket in Ontario results in points on your NYS license. Yes. NY has reciprocity with both Quebec and Ontario. [NYS Driver's Manual]

9. What is the meaning of a flashing green light on a traffic signal in Quebec? Flashing green means all other traffic has a red light. You may proceed in any direction on a flashing green. [Quebec Driving Course Manual]

10. T or F - amber rear turn signals are safer than red ones. True. Studies have proven amber rear turn signals safer. They are mandatory in Europe. [IIHS]

11. T or F - purple pavement markings are used for parking at funeral homes. False. Purple pavement markings are for lanes restricted for use by vehicles with registered electronic control accounts (i.e. E-ZPass). [MUTCD]

12. T or F - it's illegal to drive with only one hand on the steering wheel. False. One hand is required at all times. [Article 1226]

13. T or F - when leaving a parallel parking space on the right side of the street, you must use your left turn signal. True. [NY Driver's Manual]

14. As you drive along the road, you approach a National Grid bucket truck, amber lights flashing, working on the wires. By law, what are you required to do? Exercise due care to avoid colliding with the truck, including slowing down and moving over one lane if practicable. [article 1144-a]

15. T or F - it is permissible for a rear-seat passenger, at least 21 years old, to drink a beer while the vehicle is being driven along the highway. False. Drinking of alcoholic beverages or the possession of an open container containing alcoholic beverages in a vehicle on a public highway is prohibited. [Article 1227(1)]

16. T or F - it is legal to drink alcoholic beverages by passengers 21 and over while riding on a tour bus. True. An exception to the previous question is any vehicle designed to carry 10 or more passengers for profit or for hire. [article 1227(2)]

17. T or F - it's permissible to use a Slow Moving Vehicle sign to mark your driveway as long as the signs are placed at least 10 feet from the pavement. No. Use of such item as a clearance marker or on stationary objects on highways is prohibited. [Article 375(36)(c)]

18. T or F - U-turns are prohibited on roads with a speed limit above 50 mph. False. U-turns are permitted anywhere except on curves or near the crest of a hill where such vehicle cannot be seen by another vehicle for at least 500 feet, or where prohibited by appropriate signs. [Article 1161]

19. T or F - on a village street, with a sidewalk in safe condition for walking on only one side, it is permissible to walk in the street. False. Where sidewalks are provided and they may be used with safety it is unlawful for any pedestrian to walk along and upon any adjacent roadway. [Article 1156(a)]

20. T or F - the maximum distance you are allowed to drive in a "two-way left turn lane" is 500 feet. False. Two way left turn lanes are not for driving or for passing. They are to be entered for "such distance as is required for safety in preparing to turn left leaving such highway or in completing a left turn entering such highway". This would normally be only several car lengths. [Article 1126(c)]

21. Bonus question! When towing a disabled vehicle, with a properly licensed driver in the towed vehicle, what is the maximum length allowed for the tow rope? 16 feet. No vehicle shall be towed by a rope or other non-rigid connection which is longer than 16 feet. [Article 375(29)(c)]

How did you do? Are you knowledgeable in vehicle and traffic law or do you need a little refresher?

For these and many more traffic law and safety articles go to: and from the pull-down menu for departments,

click on Traffic Safety Board.



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