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12:45 p.m. Dec. 18, 1930

December 3, 2011
By HOWARD RILEY ( , Adirondack Daily Enterprise

In this space on Oct. 22, 2011, I covered the disappearance of Pete Tanzini in December 1930 with details taken from Bunk Griffin's website. Printed with that column was a police blotter report on the death of Mrs. Tanzini, an apparent suicide on Feb. 17, 1931.

Now, thinking it's time for another police blotter column, which my readers rave about, I naturally go to December of any given year, so the news back then matches the current season. Guess what I found?

Dec. 18/30,12:45 p.m.: Mrs. Peter Tanzini, former name, Augusta Menzel, 25 South Olive Street, formerly of 113 Pond Terrace, Syracuse, N.Y., reported her husband, Peter, missing since 5:20 p.m., Dec. 17/30. Age 46 yrs. height 5 ft. complexion dark, weight 170 lbs .etc. See illustration..

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[The blotter entry was signed Chiefin 1930 that was James T. Jennings.]

That simple entry began a mystery and a story (he was never found) that has endured because here we are, still writing about it 81 years later.


Plenty of snow in December 1930

Dec. 1, 1930 1 p.m.: Complaint from Max Cohen that children were sleigh riding on Shepard Avenue and how one of them collided with his car. George Rogers, 4 McCarthy Terrace, age 7 years was slightly injured. Was attended by a doctor. Officer Duprey warned the children to stop sleigh riding there. - Judge Utting

Dec. 1, 1930 3:15 p.m.: Complaint from Myron Cook, 25 Woodruff Street that the children were sleigh riding on Church Street same was very dangerous. Investigated by Officer Davis who warned children to stop the above practice.


Dec. 2, 1930 11:10 a.m.: Complaint from Mrs. Putnam, Edward Street that children were sliding on Lake Flower Avenue. Investigated by Officer Putnam who found about 20 boys & girls sliding and they all promised him they would not slide there any more. - J. A. Baker


Problem dogs

Dec. 4, 1930 12:16 a.m.: Complaint from Mrs. Helmer that dogs barking was keeping her awake. Investigated by Officer Putnam who got Mrs. Helmer up and they listened for twenty minutes but did not hear a dog bark. - J. R. Baker

[After being made to get up and listen for the barking dog for twenty minutes Mrs. Helmer probably did not call back anytime soon.]

Dec. 5, 1930 2 p.m.: Agnes Henderson, 22 Jenkins Street complained of light colored Police dog, owner, Harold Jenkins. Notified him to take care of dog and not have him running at large without a muzzle. Mrs. Charles Liscomb was with him.. - Chief

[Was the dog named after the street and was Mrs. Liscomb with the dog or Mr. Jenkins?]


Patry time

Dec. 7, 1930 2:16 a.m.: Complaint from George Hazzard that there was so much noise in the block at 55 Broadway that he could not sleep. Investigated by Officer Putnam who found everyone in block attending a party on the top floor. Hazzard got drunk first and tried to break up the party so he could go to bed. Officer Putnam told him to go to bed and keep still or he would lock him up. - J. A. Baker

Dec. 8, 1930 11:30 p.m.: Complaint from Mullen Block that party at 55 Broadway [same address as the night before] was so noisy that they could not sleep. Investigated by Officer Davis who notified party to stop or he would lock up the whole bunch. - J. A. Baker


Wrong room

Dec. 10, 1930 11:35 p.m.: Telephone call from Mrs. Miller, 42 Woodruff Street, investigated by Officers Coughlin and Davis who locked up Ruth Jones, 153 Broadway. Mrs. Miller said the girl came into the house and went up the stairs and into Fred Bean's room and shut the door. Mr. Bean was in bed. When Mrs. Miller asked her to go, she refused. Bean works for Branch & Callanan. - J. A. Baker


Dec. 17, 1930 6:30 p.m.: Received call from Lt. Newman, Bomb Squad Police Headquarters N. Y. City asking us to check up on Heard Refress, also known as Will Heard. Age 50-51 w. 185 lbs. H. 5-10. Gray hair. Bald to the front. Rather stout, wears glasses. May share house at Saranac Inn and the Brown Swan Club. Checked up with Mrs. Philip E. Rice, Warrensburg. Does not know the above subject and was not at the Brown Swan Club. Wrote a letter to Lt. Newman. - Chief



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