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News from 1925

October 29, 2011
By HOWARD RILEY ( , Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Now where else could you possibly go to find breaking news from 87 years ago? Don Tucker, a friend since we were kids, found and saved for me a couple of copies of the Syracuse Post Standard from November, 1924 and January 1925; a newspaper that had a big circulation here in the '50s and '60s. The Post Standard had an office in Saranac Lake with a full-time reporter assigned to the Tri-Lakes beat. One reporter who was well known here and a friend of (mine) and Bill McLaughlin's was Bob Atkinson.

Now don't worry I am not going to tell that story again about driving the Tucker's truck with a high load of hay; stopping abruptly, and catapulting the athletic Don off the top of the load, somersaulting in the air and landing on his feet by the cab.

The following quotes are from the 1925 Post-Standard.

Article Photos

Connie Mack, the legendary manager of the American League “Athletics” convinced four of his championship players to have their tonsils removed because ‘medical authorities’ claimed it would improve their bodies and their athletic prowess — forget about those steroids. This illustration is from the Sports Page of the November 30, 1924 Post Standard.


Does history repeat itself?

"New York, Jan. 21 - After confessing forgeries totaling $1,300,000 in a Ponzi-like scheme to enrich himself and investors, Moe Turman, managing director of the Equity Finance & Services Company, today was indicted for second degree forgery and released on $5,000 bail.

Fact Box

A parody on the famous Casey at the Bat poem ("Casey struck out"), by Ernest Thayer written in 1888, was published with the tonsil story:


"Now no more the air is shattered by the futile Casey blows,

'Far and fair to distant center Casey socks it on the nose.

'What's the answer? Cry the bleachers after each four-bagging clout.

"Ask the doctors; say the trainers, Casey's had his tonsils out."

"Clients who had been assured-and for a while received-300 per cent per annum on money loaned Turman, started an investigation a week ago. Turman disappeared." [He later returned, gave himself up 'to take his medicine'.]


Vassar divided on smoking

"Poughkeepsie, Jan. 21 - Vassar girls to the number 524 asserted they did not use tobacco but 433 admitted they liked to puff a cigaret in a questionnaire recently circulated at the college and tabulated today.

"Only 21 of the smokers use tobacco with the consent of their parents, the tabulation showed, while some 400 old-fashioned parents register disapproval. On a referendum asking whether the present rules barring smoking on or off campus be made more lenient, 539 voted for more lenient rules and 278 for continuance of the present blanket prohibition."


Different prohibition stories

"Lake George, Jan. 21 The Warren County Grand Jury today refused to return indictments against three state troopers who, according to a corner's verdict, caused the death of Roy Brown of Albany when they attempted to halt a liquor caravan near Horicon last December 17."

"Schenectady, Jan. 21?- William Buckles, who was termed by Federal Judge Cooper, 'the king of Plattsburgh bootleggers' today was sentenced to one year and three months in the Atlanta penitentiary. Four men who were arrested with Buckles on December 12 received sentences varying from three to six months and fines totaling $55,000 were assessed against the quintet."

"Albany, Jan. 21 Mayor Hackett of Albany today informed Michael D. Stapleton, new federal probation agent of this district, that the Albany police have enough to do without doing the work of federal agents when the federal officer called to ask the mayor's co-operation in the enforcement of the prohibition law."


Nepotism alive and well

"Washington, Jan. 21 - Herber (sic) H. Votaw, brother-in-law of President Harding, will retire as superintendent of federal prisons. He has informed Attorney-General Stone that his health will not permit him to continue as head of the prison system. Department of Justice officials generally praised highly the services of Dr. Votaw, who in private life is a clergyman."


Endicott Johnson used to be here

"Binghamton, Jan. 21 -?The Endicott Johnson Company will distribute $1,235, 095.43 among the 14,000 employes this year who have been with the firm one year or more, according to an official announcement. The bonus is to be based on the number of days each employee has worked during the year and it is estimated the amount will average $100 each." [The store in Saranac Lake was located at 84 Main Street where the I. B. Agency is located today. Remember, 1925, average wage for those employees was probably $15 for a six day weekmy starting salary ay the Enterprise in 1951 was $30 a week for a six day work week and often 10 or 12 hours a day.]


What else is new in Texas?

"Austin, Tex., Jan. 21 - Sitting in front of her desk with her husband alongside her, addressing her as Governor, Mrs. Mariam A. Ferguson today started her official career as the state's first woman governor. Her first two official acts were her signing of her message to the legislature and the granting of a 60-day extension of the parole of Sylvester Montalbano, of Houston, father of eight small children, serving a term for killing his brother-in-law."[Her third unofficial act should have been telling her husband to go home.]



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