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No ghosts of Christmases past

December 24, 2010
By CATHY MOORE, Enterprise Publisher

Scrape off the cobwebs in your mind and go back to those joyful memories of Christmases past. As a child it was a simple time when you only saw the magic and were totally blind to the costs, dangers or worries of grown-ups.

One of my favorite times was sitting on the couch with my brother on Christmas Eve anticipating the arrival of Santa. My brother would get so excited, he usually would run around till he tossed his cookies - and not the ones put out for Santa, either.

Our mother was in the kitchen cooking a fresh ham, while our father was in the basement. I heard him shoveling coal into the furnace at the same time my brother squealed, "Santa just ran by the window!" I whipped my head around and saw Santa pop his face in the window and then disappear.

We yelled to mom and dad to come outside to catch a closer glimpse. My mother came immediately, but my father, for some strange reason, was still in the basement. But instead of hearing the shoveling of coal, we heard him singing and playing guitar.

What the heck was he doing? Why wasn't he coming up when we were screaming for him to come see Santa? So we ran down to get him, but he was nowhere to be found. All we saw was a tape recorder playing.

With an adrenaline rush and the magical minds of a 4 and 6 year old, we didn't see it was a set up. Even after the tape of my father shoveling coal ran out and him playing guitar came on the recorder, we still didn't catch on.

Experiencing the pure joy of the mystery of Christmas is something we all should capture and remember. By just smelling the cookies baking, looking into the hypnotizing lights on the tree, anticipating the sighting of Santa and the warmth and love of our family are all things to put us in the spirit of Christmas.

So, change that tape recording in your mind of all the negative worries that plague many of us throughout the year and play only your good memories during the holidays

Whoops, I have to go, my phone is ringing and it is probably my best friend calling to tell me she got a Barbie for Christmas.



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