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A cool August — 58 years ago

August 7, 2010

Some poor soul at the Adirondack Daily Enterprise used to have to write the local weather report every day. Here is some of what the weather reporter had to say on Aug. 2, 1952:

"From the unusual number of telephone calls to The Enterprise today to ask about the forecast we gather that a number of people have p-l-a-n-s. Mr. Weatherman, when we told them what you told us, 'cloudy and cooler' tonight and tomorrow they were glummy. Low tonight 58 degrees. We woke up to the pitter-patter of rain with The Enterprise thermometer at 64 degrees at noon." (This report went on for several more paragraphs).


Canadian money at par

The Enterprise lead story on that cool August day said Saranac Lake would be accepting Canadian money "at full value."

"The great influx of Canadian visitors into Saranac Lake this season has resulted in an increase in receipts of from three to five thousand dollars a week in Canadian money.

"This compares to a total of from five hundred dollars a week in recent years when there were restrictions on how much money could be taken out of Canada.

"At a meeting last night, attended by 11 of the 12 members of the Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors, Thomas Stainback, Executive Director, reported that George LaPan, president of the Adirondack National Bank and Trust Company would accept Canadian money at the prevailing rate of exchange."


Other chamber business

The chamber was absorbing the cost of printing a new brochure listing all business and professional people who belong to that organization also:

"William G. Scheefer has been appointed as chairman of a solicitations committee to investigate the manner in which solicitations for funds, other than those on a national basis, can be controlled in the village. It was pointed out at the meeting that barely a day passes without merchants being approached for contributions for one cause or another."


Local news briefs

"The Saranac Lake recruiting office for the U.S. Army and Air Force has been closed. Applications for enlistment may be made to the Plattsburgh Recruiting Station."

"The Saranac Lake Summer Theatre has every intention of playing in 'Our Town' next season, Kendric Packer, general manager of the group, told the Rotary Club members at a luncheon today in the Hotel Saranac."

"Registration of 140 donors at the Red Cross Bloodmobile by noon today made it seem very possible that Saranac Lake will again meet its quota of 125 pints. Nine beds have been set up at the Methodist Church Hall. Volunteers can be accepted until 5:30 p.m. today. Because of the Korean War, blood is urgently needed."


Take a bus

The terminal for Adirondack Transit Lines bus service was located at the St. Regis Hotel on the corner of Bloomingdale Avenue and Broadway. In New York City, passengers were delivered to the Dixie Bus Depot located at 241 West 42nd St.

Now a round trip ticket to the big city (mid-week) cost a total of $11.10 plus tax. Now get this: The "going portion" of the ticket was good for any day, but the return portion of the ticket was good only on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday - and there were three buses each day at 7:30 a.m., 1:15 p.m. and 6:30.


National news briefs

"Gov. Adlai Stevenson came to Washington today for a big political pow-wow with President Truman and his cabinet on issues and strategy of the presidential campaign."

"Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower at a press conference in Denver said 'The great subject of peace and how to obtain it overshadows all other subjects because it affects all others.'"

"Seoul, Korea (AP) - U.S. Marines late today beat back 400 Chinese Reds charging Bunker Ridge, won early this morning by the leathernecks in a sweeping attack on the Korean Western Front."


Accidents Unusual Today

"Edward P. Smith of Schenectady was killed by electric shock yesterday when he plugged in an extension light in a home where he was installing a gas stove. State police said Smith was standing on a wet cellar floor in the home in the nearby town of Halfmoon, Saratoga County."

"Gary Jones, 3, of Springfield, Vermont accidentally self-imprisoned seven hours in an empty icebox Friday is still in a deep coma at Hitchcock Hospital today. The mother said hospital officials had offered her little hope after he entered the fifth day of uninterrupted unconsciousness."



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