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SLPD blotter, 1944

June 26, 2010

The following are entries picked at random from the blotter of the Saranac Lake Police Department in June and July of 1944. Names have been changed where necessary.


Keeping the cops busy

Article Photos

These New York State Troopers pictured in 1928 were the “Trick Riders” from Troop D. This trick may have needed a little more work. The expression on those two guys at the left and right under the top three suggest they might rather be somewhere else.
(Photo from the 1993 State Troopers PBA calendar)

"Gave accommodations in lock-up to Trooper Hanby who had in custody one, Edward Carley of Keene, N.Y. Had arrested him at Joe Halligan's Bar and Grill in Bloomingdale. Charge P.I." (The very next evening at 9 pm there was this entry).

"Call from Mrs. Stringham, 23 Olive Street complaining about a tall, dark man wandering around that neighborhood going in and out of houses there, apparently had been drinking were afraid of him. Investigated by Wallace and Higgins. Found Edward Carley there. Locked him up."


Can't get a clear shot

"Two calls from Mrs. Gauthier complaining about Lulu Lyons dog hanging around her cabins. Went out there twice and dog ran away - tried to get a shot at it but couldn't. She said she has spoken to Lulu about the dog but she doesn't do a thing about it. Advised her to see the judge as we couldn't be running out there every hour."


Big item to lose

"Call from Mrs. Charles Finn of 90 Forest Hill Avenue. They have lost their cow. Think that the cow has been stolen as her calf is still tied out in the pasture and the cow would not wander away and leave the calf. Small, very light, pure bred Jersey. Numbered tag on one ear. If located call 1038. Went toward Payeville." (A later entry said, "Found on Pine Street Chief.")


Domestic problems

"Call from Mrs. Jane Doe saying that her husband came home drunk and threatened to punch her in the nose. She ran out of the house and when she returned he was gone and a shotgun and five shells were missing. He had told her that Father Argy was going to have him sent to Ogdensburg (the Psychiatric Center) in the morning. He must have hidden the gun somewhere because when we found him he did not have the gun."


Injured in fire

"Fire alarm #124 - Fire at Cort Moody's residence corner of Lake Flower and Duprey Streets. Left wing of house completely gutted house badly damaged. Cort and his roomer, Mr. Charles Daly were burned. Mr. Daly admitted to hospital - back burned. Cort apparently all right treated by Dr. W. Wardner. Fire of undetermined origin. Traffic taken care of by Higgins and Ryan."


Laughing complaint

"Call from operator (3:45 am) said that someone was complaining about noise at Swenson's down back of Bloomingdale Avenue. Found John Swenson, his wife and mother-in-law had just come home and were laughing and talking. All sober. Windows and doors all opened. Warned them to not laugh so loud."


Hogs and roosters making noise

"A complaint received by phone about a truck load of hogs (47) on the way from Malone to Albany. Driver had stopped at a diner on Bloomingdale Avenue to eat and the hogs did some squealing. Later stopped at the Saranac Lake garage for gas and oil. Kept hogs as quiet as possible."

"Investigated a complaint about roosters crowing in back of Joe Manfredo's. Found that George Baker has one large rooster - said he was going to kill it anyway - Demming's have moved out of the neighborhood with their chickens. Talked with Joe D'Onfrio and he said the Baker rooster was the only rooster he has heard crow in that section lately. Checked that neighborhood - unable to find any other roosters."


Fire in the tower

"Call from Mrs. Louis Lease, 135 Lake Street, complaining about kids raising hell up in the Airplane Observation Tower - had a fire going there. Investigated and found Teddy Ratelle was the one who started the fire had a box of matches. Hank Favro, age 6, was holding a burning piece of cardboard and Albert Thompson, age 5, backed into it and burned his backside. Parents were talked to by Officer Higgins and warned to keep kids away from the Observation Tower and not be letting them fool around with matches."


A clinical observation

"Between the hours of 1:30 a.m. and 2 a.m. we had three calls from some woman in the Potter Block, not Mrs. Potter, about 'that dump'. We presumed she meant the Alpine Tavern. She would not say where. The Alpine Tavern had been closed since 1 o'clock and had been very quiet before that. No drunks. We think this woman may be a mental case." - Ryan and Jones



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