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Salaries for Franklin, Essex County staff

January 29, 2009
By NATHAN BROWN and GEORGE EARL, Enterprise Staff Writers

Nineteen percent of Franklin County's budget, or $20.4 million in 2009, is spent on salaries.

Franklin County employees working for the United Public Services Employees' Union received a contractually required 3.5 percent raise for 2009. However, due to longevity increases, the total increase came to 4.87 percent. People in most management positions received a 4 percent raise. The salaries of the legislators stayed the same.

Essex County's salaries are 24.6 percent of its budget, or $23,676,574. County department heads in Essex County received pay raises of 3.95 percent, and county employees received a 4 percent pay increase after union negotiations.


Franklin County

Board of Legislators Chairman Guy "Tim" Smith of Fort Covington makes $18,000 a year, and the other legislators get $15,000. These amounts have not increased since 2007. Board of Legislators Clerk Gloria Valone makes $48,941 a year, up from $47,058 in 2008.

District Attorney Derek Champagne makes $119,800 a year, which hasn't changed since 2007. Assistant district attorneys get between $36,558 and $76,097 per year.

Chief Public Defender Tom Soucia is paid $70,712 per year, up from $65,000 in 2008.

County Manager James Feeley is paid $81,380, up from $78,250 in 2008.

County Auditor Margaret Lester is paid $36,725; the salary from this position is unchanged from 2008.

County Treasurer Bryon Varin and county Clerk Wanda Murtagh are paid $65,520 per year, and Varin makes an additional $5,200 as assistant budget officer.

County Attorney Jonathan Miller makes $62,991 annually, up from $60,568.

Board of Elections Commissioners Kathy Fleury and Veronica King make $43,631 each, up from $41,953.

Building and Grounds Superintendent Robert Dupra makes $52,542, up from $50,522.

Director of Information Services Robert Green makes $76,489, up from $73,547.

County Sheriff Jack Pelkey makes $62,991, up from $60,568.

Probation Director Judy Hayle makes $58,759, up from $56,499.

Emergency Services Director/Fire Coordinator Malcolm Jones make $48,896, up from $47,016.

Public Health Nursing Services Director Mose Herne makes $75,000, up from $64,862.

Mental Health Services Director Susan Delehanty makes $93,137, up from $89,554.

Social Services Commissioner Lesley Lyon makes $69,853, up from $67,166.

County Sealer of Weights and Measures Bradford Parker makes $42,275, up from $40,649.

Office for the Aging Director Susan Scott makes $44,777, the same as in 2008.

Veterans' Services Deputy Director Bonnie Stewart makes $38,038, up from $36,575 in 2008.

CARES Coordinator Janice Marlow makes $37,852, up from $36,396 in 2008.

Youth Bureau Director William Sullivan, who works for the county 17 hours a week, makes $17,435 in 2009, up from $16,765 in 2008.

Public Transportation Coordinator Paul Duffee makes $35,969, the salary at which he was hired. The position was held last year by Bob Bayruns, who made $38,619 in 2008.

Highway Superintendent Gary Lewis is paid $52,000 a year, up from $49,975 in 2008.


Essex County

Emergency Services Director Don Jaquish is paid $70,931.

Personnel Officer Monica Feeley is paid $57,173.

Public Defender Livingston Hatch is paid $110,872.

Public Health Director Kathryn S. Abernethy is paid $74,111.

Real Property Tax Services Director Bernard Roy is paid $62,370.

Election Commissioners David Mace, Lew Sanders are each paid $16,892.

Assistant District Attorney Michael Langey is paid $77,592.

Assistant District Attorney Brian Felton is paid $65,000.

Assistant District Attorney Ellen Schell is paid $65,000.

Commissioner of Social Services John O'Neill is paid $78,364.

Coroners W. Robert Huestis, Paul Connery, Walter Marvin Jr., Kellie Valentine are paid $3,604.

County Attorney Daniel Manning is paid $127,835.

County Clerk Joseph Provancha is paid $66,734.

County Sheriff Henry Hommes is paid $73,432.

County Treasurer Mike Diskin is paid $60,281.

County Manager and Information Director Dan Palmer is paid $113,315.

County Auditor Brenda Sullivan is paid $48,797.

Clerk of the Board Deborah Palmer is paid $63,879.

Deputy County Treasurer Carolyn Karcher is paid $54,523.

Real Property Tax Service Director Bernard Roy is paid $62,370.

Assistant County Attorney for Social Services Carl Rubino is paid $35,153.

Assistant County Attorney for Family Court David Scaglione is paid $35,153.

Assistant County Attorney Michael Gallant is paid $70,304.

Assistant Public Defender (full time) Brandon Boutelle is paid $69,152.

Public Defender Livingston L. Hatch is paid $115,251.

Deputy Personnel Officer Jennifer Moscarenas is paid $38,385.

Deputy Superintendent of Public Works Anthony Lavigine is paid $71,021.

Superintendent Public Works Frederick H. Buck is paid $82,414.

Probation Director Scott McDonald is paid $66,065.

Public Health Director Kathryn Abernethy is paid $74,111.

Commissioner of Social Services John O'Neill is paid $78,364.

Horace Nye Nursing Home Administrator Deborah Gifford is paid $77,039.

Horace Nye Medical Director Charles Moisan is paid $82,853.

Director of Weights and Measures Wayne E. Taylor Sr is paid $58,035.

Director of the Office of the Aging Patricia Bashaw is paid $52,103.

Director of Community Development and Planning Victor Putman is paid $65,607.

Director of Fisheries Steven LaMere is $61,392.



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