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Saranac Lake — July 1936

July 18, 2008
By Howard Riley

Well, here we go again. Peggy Martin, Bruce Dudley and so many others enjoy these police blotter columns, and they are so much fun to do, so here are some usual and unusual entries from 72 years ago. (Names changed where necessary.)

Citizen complaints, and, it seems, none were too insignificant for the police to investigate, but kids, dogs and drunks took up a lot of the policeman's time.

Now, it is one thing to steal a fellow's car, but with his girlfriend still in the car?

"Complaint from Clark Russell on the street that while he was talking to a party on the street that one Bernard Smith jumped into Russell's car, being a Packard touring car and went away with it. Said his girl, Bernadette O'Brien, 34 Baker Street, was in the car at the time Smith took the car. Picked them up on Pine Street. Brought them down to the station, locked Smith up. Questioned girl, said Smith treated her like a gentleman. Girl's phone number if wanted is 1508."

Kids "raising hell"

"Call from Boyce & Roberson's Coal Yard on Mills Avenue that kids were raising hell. Investigated by Chief (Jim Coughlin). Kids had left there but found them at Latour's Yard - 2 Meagher's, 2 Rogers and Dickie Talbert, warned them to stay away from the Yards."

"Complaint from Mrs. Chapman, 5 Shepard Avenue, said kids had been raising hell around there all day, went up and sent kids away. Another complaint from 20 Academy Street that kids playing were making a lot of noise. Investigated and sent kids home." (Wouldn't it be nice to again see kids playing and making noise?)

"Complaint from 14 Marshall Street, Comstock boys had been arguing and disturbing the patients during rest hour. Investigated and found that William and Ralph Comstock had been arguing, warned them about same."

No lengthy paperwork

"Complaint from Mrs. McCory, 60 Kiwassa Road, wanted the police. Investigated by Officer Duprey. Mr. & Mrs. McCory having some trouble. Brought her to Judge's office where she will make a separation agreement."

"Complaint on street that a man was drunk and making a disturbance near 10 Main Street. Arrested one Johnny Kussack for P.I. (public intoxication). Called Dr. Wolfson."

"Call from Ben Gay (was he a liniment salesman?) that someone had stolen his car. Notified troopers and they said that they had a complaint from Wilmington about some car driving away from a gas station without paying for the gas. (What else is new?) Car was headed for Lake Placid."

"Dog brought to police station by Raymond Hayward from 9 Church Street. Tan hound alsoMrs. LaMar called and states that Mrs. Keith's police dog should have a muzzle because he is killing cats."

"Complaint of Al Sweatt that bulldog owned by Thomas Young, 14 Balsam Street bit his little boy. Wanted us to warn them to take care of dog. Taken care of by Officer Matt Jones."

He was a busy fellow

I started this column with an entry regarding Clark Russell and his car (and his girl) being stolen. I simply go through the blotter entries in order, and so later in July Mr. Clark's name appears again, but this time Russell and his new girlfriend are both missing but not the car

"Call from Susie Sheldon, 116 River Street, saying that her maid, Josephine Hearn went out last night about 10 p.m. (the blotter entry was at 11 a.m.) with a party and has not come home as yet. She is 17 years of age and was last seen with Clark Russell. Russell was not in his room at 165 Broadway at 11 a.m. this date.

No trucks on Broadway

"Al Brier (the village clerk) called stating that Tom Ward (the Mayor) didn't want any of the circus trucks to travel on the new concrete on Broadway. Wants night men to watch for them."

That Mrs. Einstein?

"Prof. Einstein's wife reports their sailboat is being tampered with and a pump missing. Would like police to watch said boat." ( 'Recovered' was scribbled in pencil across that entry.)

An Honest Driver

"Clayton Brown reported that while driving 'Peanuts' Delivery Truck that he backed into Mrs. Cantwell's car which was parked in her driveway in her yard on the Old Military Estates. See accident file."



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