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So much we don’t know about attackers

April 19, 2014

Sometimes it must seem to the public that the more researchers learn about homicidal teenagers, the less we really know....

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Apr-19-14 3:04 PM

Gee gothics, it sounds like you're talking about the promoters of free market capitalism or maybe it's war on terrorism you're referring to.

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Apr-19-14 3:01 PM

I agree pretty much with your assessments of Obama but your beliefs that Romney would have "fixed" the economy in 10 months is ridiculous and I hope your right about the next prez being better but I won't hold my breath. As long as money buys elections we'll just get more of the same whether dem or repub.

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Apr-19-14 2:47 PM

don't get between an impractical idealogue and his objective, no amount of collateral damage will deter him.

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Apr-19-14 2:39 PM

Right. Like delay the keystone pipeline so his buddy Warren Buffet may continue shipping the oil in his RR tank cars. Obama made the 2008 fiasco into a 10 year recession instead of a 10 month issue with his policies. First the economy now healthcare. Boo!!

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Apr-19-14 1:45 PM


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Apr-19-14 1:44 PM

Right we DO need a strong stable economy. This President has done nothing but bout up the richest and burden those struggling to remain middle class. Killing the middle class to implement his idealistic goal of making the middle class and impovrished the same. Those families with both patents working hard being stomped upon for their efforts.

Impeach Obama now, the next Prez will improve the economy in 6 months!

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Apr-19-14 12:01 PM

"Sometimes the other kids have more than you do. Don't get berserk over it!" Has any school based violence ever been due to resentment over another kids possessions? Can't recall any.

Yes many kids grow up in relatively safe environments but people trying to raise their kids in inner city slums may see it a bit differently.

Certainly witnessing real violence is more traumatic but there is a great deal of evidence that supports the idea that frequent exposure to fantasy violence desensitizes people to the real thing.

"the best fix is a good economy and strong stable family" Agreed and the two are linked. Another reason we need to stop the 1% from destroying the middle class.

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Apr-19-14 11:23 AM

Agree, kids today grow up in a relatively safe non violent environment. Slavery is gone along with KKK marches and cross burnings. No more receiving a draft notice when you're 18. The world remains a very violent place and many societies live in fear of their lives every day. But America is mild by comparison. Being exposed to some degree of violence is no excuse for acting out crazily.

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Apr-19-14 11:12 AM

It's the family and living decent, non-entitled values day to day. Not everyone gets a smartphone when they're 12, a car when they're 16, and a no-debt college education from wealthy parents.

Sometimes the other kids have more than you do. Don't get berserk over it!

"violence"?? Pleeease, there's less violence on our soil today than anytime in U.S.history. No raids by whites/Indians on each other, no Civil War, now World Wars and rationing, no lynchings, etc, etc. REAL violence that keeps you up at night because it could happen to you at home.

Yes, there are terrorist events, but do we really expect smooth sailing throughout life. That would be nice and a great ideal to strive for, but these kids have experienced less real, face-to-face violence than most generations of Americans.

It's the family stupid!

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Apr-19-14 8:56 AM

We'll never know why some people go nuts and turn violent but just look at the way our culture glorifies violence, movies, TV, video games etc. Our government demonstrates that violence is not only an acceptable method of diplomacy it is pretty much the only way we use. So who is really surprised when this kind of thing happens?

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