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School budgets in wake of state budget

April 5, 2014

The state budget that state lawmakers approved earlier this week wasn’t entirely to our liking....

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Apr-12-14 10:13 PM

Chop Administration for a change! I'm sure is flooded ........... I've seen the wage page.... it makes me want to throw up

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Apr-09-14 10:08 AM

Something that makes Saranac Lake distinct from many school districts in the the State is that the State itself owns much of the land in the district, and pays, in lieu of taxes a much lower rate than if private people owned the land. Add to that the restrictive nature of the APA on commerce and development, which deliberately restricts the economy of the region. This greatly reduces the school tax potential of the district. If NY State wants to lock up a large portion of the land in the district, it should, by all sense of rightness, pay a greater amount towards the school budget. So thinks I.

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Apr-07-14 9:35 AM

First off, you are blaming the state for decisions made by the local school boards. Unless and until the local school boards accept accountability and stop using the state as their favorite scapegoat, nothing will be solved. As far as hiring a Superintendent for $80k, every school has dozens of teachers making that wage. I'm surprised that local journalists aren't privy of that information. I'm not only sure, but 100% sure that a new batch of teachers could be found for half the wage with no harm to results. The NY system needs a complete overhaul. As I've mentioned before, a county run system would be much more efficient, and far less corrupt. One elected Superintendent and one elected school board overseeing multiple schools. Its done in my state with great success. I genuinely fear for the wonderful citizens of the tri Lakes because due to ridiculously high and increasing property taxes, homeownership is becoming unaffordable and even risky.

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Apr-06-14 12:48 PM

$80k a year for a Super??? We have teachers making that money! Are you kidding! Ask the teachers union about their health insurance contributions. ASK for the numbers! Do your job as a newspaper!

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Apr-06-14 9:39 AM

People of good heart and sincere intentions should gather to look at combining tri-lakes school districts to reduce costs without sacrificing education. NOW!

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Apr-05-14 5:13 PM

When the union leadership negotiated the last contract, they KNEW they were trading jobs for raises and benefits. Their members should be disappointed that they refuse to reconsider in view of the proposed cuts. They'll "negotiate" next year while their members lose jobs now? If they refuse to step up and help their own members, why should the taxpayers?

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Apr-05-14 4:47 PM

Not difficult to guess which comments come from a teacher.

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Apr-05-14 4:25 PM

Shared services looks and sounds terrific, and they have plotted a couple ideas, but nothing significant has come to fruition as of yet. I would again look into the Administration level of sharing as it IS THE MOST Expensive piece to this daunting problem!!!

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Apr-05-14 4:18 PM

I'll say it again to the BOE: "if you think a super majority will pass a budget to override the tax cap, you are Dreaming"!!!!Back to the drawing board, Board!!!

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Apr-05-14 4:11 PM

I understand this is not a year for the Teacher Union negotiation process, yet brings back memory from last round (KNOWING this was coming) and they stood firm. Most of the gap can be filled w/ more contributions from the Teachers and having the retired teachers participate in a different plan. This isn't NASA trying to identify another planet, it's called "Negotiating in GOOD FAITH" for Everyone's Future w/in the SLCSD! Carlisto is off base as a rep and Fox is off base as our Super. The Board??? not sure yet, but they may also need to be replaced.

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Apr-05-14 4:01 PM

This is not just a local issue, rather a Statewide issue. Why Andy didn't listen to the Gap Elimination requests from every district I have seen is beyond me....but moving forward is the individual School Boards to make tough (VERY TOUGH) decisions. Then...we, the taxpayer, have an equally difficult decision (THAT WE CONTROL) whether or not approve the proposal put in front of us from the Board of Education. I, personally, don't think the new Superintendent has laid out a very good budget for our BOE to vote on.

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Apr-05-14 3:52 PM

well said DW

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Apr-05-14 3:51 PM

Is there EVER a Budget that is 'Entirely to the liking' of everyone? Never mind ANYONE?

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Apr-05-14 11:36 AM

All Cuomo cares about is keeping his Wall St. Charter School backers happy so they keep giving him 100's of thousands of $'s. Astorino for Governor.

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Apr-05-14 10:15 AM

Good editorial, but why are the alternatives mentioned "not desirable"?

I've grown up here and still do not understand the parochialism that exists between Towns, Villages and schools districts. Why is shared services and working together so bad?

Shared services can be managed to the advantage of all involved. I hear comments like "we don't want LP running our schools". Shared services means the best for ALL, managed by representatives of ALL, not one Village running things.

It's crazy, even our emergency services would not be cooperating if it weren't for the NYS mutual aid regulations. They'd be fighting and arguing while Rome burned.

Stop it! Let sensible, bright, dispassionate individuals join together to form a the best school district in the north within the trilakes.

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Apr-05-14 8:42 AM

The Governor has the schools right where we wants them. He is basically saying the state is not going to continue to fund small individual school districts, therefore forcing them to look at more efficient ways to provide a quality education for the students of New York State. What needs to happen is the school boards, superintendents, and community members of the Tri Lakes need to get together, wipe the slate clean and create a regional school system for our area. Enrollments are dropping, there is no job creation or economic development in our area (and I don't count giving to private companies 7 million dollars to develop hotels which we don't even need). We can not continue to attempt to run our schools with the present structure in the Tri-Lakes. The time has come and if something is not done, we will be in the same boat next year with looking at cuts in all three districts, and the year after an the year after. The governor will be re-elected and continue his mission!

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Apr-05-14 8:24 AM

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