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Olympic Mountains

February 26, 2014

Living in a place that hosted the Winter Olympics twice, and having nine local Olympians for this year’s games in Russia, plus 30 or so more who live here part-time while training — these things hel......

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Feb-28-14 12:20 PM

I thought the ADE did a better job than most any other news outlet out there! Thanks for your timely and thorough updates and in depth reviews on an olympics that were held on the other side of the world.

No "valleys" though? How about the polar vortex? The cost of Gas and fuel oil?

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Feb-27-14 3:42 PM

Obama is treating us the same way the last 4 presidents before him did. That's as insignificant pawns unless we are large money campaign contributors.

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Feb-27-14 11:59 AM

Having had two Olympic games is an unbelievably wonderful heritage for Lake Placid.

However, it is time to move on. What's next?

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Feb-27-14 11:34 AM

Wait, please don't tell me the elephant in the room is the resort again. Enough!

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Feb-27-14 9:56 AM

PS: I love it here and feel that I have it very good, sincerely sorry you do not.

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Feb-27-14 9:52 AM


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Feb-27-14 9:49 AM

Don't disagree that "a few big businesses" would be nice. Please just leave the streams, ponds, lakes and mountain views ALONE!

The issue is NOT just with regulatory agencies and enviro organizations. How about the TL businessman who bought OWD just to protect his lame "shopping center".

Regarding "brain drain", yes young people would rarely move TO a park for industrial or banking employment opportunities. That's just the way it is. FC has more land than people, so it's unlikely to become a zilico valley. That too is just the way it is.

Start a great restaurant in an empty store front !

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Feb-27-14 9:34 AM

Franklin county is one of the top 5 poorest counties in the entire state. That's not something to be proud of. No one is suggesting the raping land, but a few big businesses, (besides state run prisons and mental institutions), would be nice. The people who think "they have it good" may change their tune as the population continues to decline and ages, while their taxes and energy prices continue to rise. Drive down any street in Saranac Lake or Tupper Lake. Look at all the homes in complete disrepair. Appalachia is not far off. 30 years ago it was a different story, and as long as people think they have it good, it will continue to get worse.

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Feb-27-14 7:49 AM

Agree with you on most counts townie but one doesn't need to be an extremist to note that "rape" the land is exactly what has happened in numerous areas like West Virginia.

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Feb-26-14 10:58 PM

So, ya, OK. Just like lots of other places there are folks struggling. Poor folks are found in many, many other places. When people reference very poor areas they talk about Appalachia and the like NOT the ADKs.

I'm NOT a tree huger, don't belong to any environmental organizations, so what are you suggesting? That the mountains OWE us something. That we should develop and take (an extremist would say Rape the land) whatever we want until we're satisfied??

Or do you have just one pet project?

My grandparents knew the rules when they moved here (well before the APA it was clear). I know the rules. Everyone knows the rules.

BTW, there are roads leading away and buses daily. Most importantly there are other who may disagree with both you and me, so we just ignore them?

Remember, the U.S. poverty level is considered an extremely wealthy level in much of the world.

Lighten up.

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Feb-26-14 8:54 PM

Not meaning to insult but a very small percentage of people who live in the Park can claim "they have it pretty good". High unemployment, obscene poverty, low household income, declining population, empty storefronts, high property taxes, high utility prices, etc....and let's keep it real, brain drain. How many kids who leave for a college education actually come back to live and work? Not many.

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Feb-26-14 6:26 PM


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Feb-26-14 6:15 PM

"jeesh" is right. Someone is always complaining about the APA, DEC, State Police, Rangers, too many double solid lines on the roads, whatever. Please relax. This is no longer the wild west (an area of the State visited by very few), and we live in a PARK. I'm neither a tree-huger or a clear-cutter. Again please take a breath, we have it pretty darn good.

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Feb-26-14 5:20 PM

Everything just has to turn political I guess. The boogieman APA. Jeesh, lighten up.

35 and 80 years ago. Turn the page!

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Feb-26-14 3:29 PM

LuvADKS....The area is much more than what used to be??? With all due respect, I flatly and strongly disagree with your opinion. The area is not even close to what it *could* and *should* be.

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Feb-26-14 3:21 PM

I too had the great pleasure of enjoying every minute of the 80 Olympics. How can anyone ever forget the thousands of people in the streets as the "miracle" was happening. The town literally shook! You could feel the excitement in the air! I am so thankful to have been there! What a memory! It's a shame that the Olympic venues have not been properly maintained or upgraded. LP should still be a world class resort town, but because the APA is not as human friendly as it was in the 70's, that's impossible. (never mind the other environmental groups who are holding the area hostage) Seeing empty storefronts in Lake Placid is a sight I never thought possible. What a shame.

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Feb-26-14 12:58 PM

AGREE with the "used to be" comment. Sometimes I think we're facing backward not forward.

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Feb-26-14 12:32 PM

Thank you for the great coverage. Enjoyed it, and yes, glad the coverage is winding down.

I was fortunate enough to attend two events of the 1980 games. Also enjoyable, in spite of the horrendous logistics surrounding LP. I'll never tire of watching The Miracle.

Regardless, I do not share the feeling of kinship with the games. Nice that they were here, but I would like any NCAA finals just as much. Happy that the legacy of the games provides a draw and some income for LP. And, it's fantastic that the legacy inspires a few local kids to become Olympians. That's great!

However, in general, the majority of training athletes are moving away from LP facilities to other venues.

We should relish the legacy and begin to move on from 32 & 80. Our area is much more than what used to be.

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Feb-26-14 10:43 AM

when will we see a new "cover foto" @ADE on ThefacebookWall??

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