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Unsportsmanlike conduct foul on NBC

February 20, 2014

Many people have told us that, like us, their joy in watching Andrew Weibrecht’s silver-medal-winning ski run Sunday was dampened by poor sportsmanship on the part of a television giant....

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Feb-23-14 10:24 PM

"We've got the bubble headed bleached blonde who comes on at 5.....she can tell you 'bout the plane crash with a gleam in her eye...." I did not watch "live" Olympic coverage after that "interview". I recorded and used my fast forward button instead. First off, I wanted to hear more from Andrew Weibrecht, who rightly deserved more than a single question after his amazing finish. Secondly, I did not want to hear more about Bode Miller's difficult year, which had already been told over and over and over again. While I certainly empathize, he's not the first and only person to have ever suffered tremendous or tragic loss.

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Feb-22-14 11:15 AM


You got giant cajones dissing NBC, the way you use your bully pulpit in assigning & placing your personal vendettas in the ADE. At least the "brewmeister' made "top of the fold" on page 1 - We only "bottom of the fold"- 3 times !!! but only once "inside the rag." bummer.....

Given the nature of denial of due process (your ace reporter had received a copy of a request to appear in the soon to be defunct VSL Court, as had others in Govt. & Media - VSL Board, VP Biden, NY Times, NBC, Fox News, Wall Street Journal, NCPR, & others.) Your reporter had responded, as had the Office of the VP. And VSL officialdom subsequently confiscated private property of value constituting Grand Larceny, this in addition to the obvious Obstruction of Justice.

But of course, this is not "Newsworthy" in your exalted view? I don't care -- as Lady Gaga & r. Kelly have stated, "Do What You Want."

The whole world is watching....

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Feb-21-14 5:20 PM

Timing is everything.

"War Horse" Weibrecht timed his only major world finish in the last four years just right and won an Olympic silver medal (and hooray for him)...

...only to be overshadowed by the tawdry journalism that evokes personal pain and emotion for the viewership bump and the bucks (which has been around forever.)

I'm sure Warhorse would still take the medal regardless.

Everyone has to live with themselves and what they have done. I, for one, would not want to be the reporter living with this history...but hey, "that's show business."

I give my respect, appreciation and sympathies to Bode Miller, a great American athlete...who is also a fellow human being on this great earth.

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Feb-21-14 12:23 PM

I have to chuckle that you think the IOC would impose some kind of standards. That is one of the most corrupt organizations in the world.

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Feb-20-14 10:21 PM

nothing new here

NBC reduced John Morgans excellent coverage of bobsledding to a pittance

one of the first things i learned when i moved here, years ago, was that Canadian networks were superior for winter sports.

American coverage is a soap opera,CBC does the real thing

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Feb-20-14 3:44 PM

The mindless commentary on athletics today is atrocious. I did not hear what was done to Bodie and how Andrew was ignored for one good reason. I watch 90% of the olympics with the mute button turned on. What is said is bad at the best. I am old enough to remember when what was said by sports casters was relevant and respectful. No longer is a description what the athlete has done adequate, we have to hear all about what the athlete is feeling and what mistakes they have made. As I said, my wife is much happier and my blood pressure is much lower when I depress the mute button on the TV when the color people are making fools of themselves.

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Feb-20-14 3:14 PM

The only way that would be right is if we questioned politicians in a similar manner.

Olympians get respect.

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Feb-20-14 12:16 PM

ABC's coverage of the Olympics was always much better than NBC's. It's to bad that since Disney acquired ABC they haven't seen fit to bid on the games. 1988 was their last Olympics. It's a same that if your under 30 you probably only remember the "Talk Radio" coverage NBC provides.

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Feb-20-14 11:45 AM

All networks do it, but NBC is by far the worse. Their ratings have in the cellar for a long time, so I guess nothing is off limits for them.

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Feb-20-14 10:52 AM

I was watching the olympics when that happened and I was disgusted with the reporter. One question...well okay. But the reporter would not leave it alone. Too bad that Bodie didn't just walk away. I felt he was pushed and harassed.

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Feb-20-14 10:49 AM

Have to agree that NBC went over the top on Bodie Miller and downplaying Andrew Weibrecht at the same time. NBC has been drilling for tears for years from every conceivable celebrity and victim they can get on tv. However, most networks do that, so it's not just NBC. NBC, like the rest also try to break cases, some ending in witch hunts that they never apologize for. Won't even get in to their pro Democrat stories, along with MSNBC's constant badgering of anything not Democratic. I would prefer if NBC et al would just be impartial. There are times when you just have to turn off the tv and walk away.

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Feb-20-14 10:45 AM

Agree. Cooper is a former athlete attempting to make it in broadcasting. The questions were shallow and off topic/point.

Worse is NBC. The Sochi broadcast ratings are so very disappointing that NBC is groveling to boost viewer numbers. This is an embarrassing tactic!

There is actually an online site tracking NBC's Sochi questions on the topic of dead family members. So far the average is 3.2 questions per day on this topic. Kinda sick isn't it.

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