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Too many local governments, but hard to streamline

January 10, 2014

Since Gov. Andrew Cuomo was attorney general, he has harped on one thing he repeated in his State of the State speech Wednesday: “We have too many local governments, and we’ve had them for too long. ....

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Jan-10-14 11:47 AM

Interesting, seems you're still caught in the "Andy is God" mode. As we who have seen Government grow since the 60's know it's overreach by the "State" (reference here to Socialist definition) that has caused a rise in our taxes, not the local government. The "State" and it's agencies have, by way of unfunded mandates, placing blame on Towns and Villages and suggesting that consolidation is the savior caused Sheeple believe that "Local Control" is bad for us. Each time "Andy's State Pundits" and the "Bureaucracy" comes up with a mandate, think APA's mandate to Greenify local Land use Plans, we loose a little control of our own destinies and the cost through taxes multiply.

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Jan-10-14 1:02 PM

DW -We have many more local governments than newer Western states have. We don't need them all and they waste money. The mandates and who would pay for them is a separate issue.

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Jan-10-14 3:10 PM what State are you referring? As for mandates they are central to the issue. If the State funded mandates then costs would be lower. Just think of the savings if our Village wasn't required to be part of the States retirement fund! Heck, the Village doesn't even know how much to set aside until the State decides to send a bill. How they budget this cost is a mystery because how the State figures it is a mystery.

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Jan-11-14 1:51 AM

DW, I'm not Cuomo's biggest fan either, but when he's right he's right. Look at Tupper Lake. You've got a village inside of a town, with two DPWs, two governing boards, two municipal buildings, two courts -- all this to govern maybe 6,000 people. Then there's the school district on top of that. You can find examples like that all over New York. We don't need all these government bodies.

I agree that mandates are an issue, but whether or not reform happens, there's no reason to keep layers of government we don't need. Governments do a lot more now than they did back in the 1800s when these towns and villages were founded, and taxes are high to fund all the stuff they do. There's no need for it all.

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Jan-11-14 12:07 PM

While these are good points sometimes especially in these small North Country Towns, another man in the 30s who was insanely popular in a country in Europe had a lot of the same thoughts.

If you want a good wake up call to King Andy and God Obama google: Austrian Kitty Werthmann obama and look at the speech she makes about how Austria was taken over.

We are seeing the same thing in this very state now and the nation as a whole. Centralized control means we have less and less and less say. So keep givng up your rights and your guns so you become slaves. It starts with eliminating local control...

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Jan-11-14 9:27 PM

So I take it that Omar wouldn't mind less representation and more taxation?

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Jan-12-14 1:45 AM

I don't think every hamlet with a Main Street and a few hundred houses needs to call itself a village and pay for its own government, police force, road crews, courts and everything else. If you want to call that less representation, fine. I don't think it amounts to much less than what you'd have if you got rid of some of the villages, you'd still have the towns. As for taxation, I want less of it. That's the point of getting rid of duplicative government bodies.

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