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Legislators look lousy in feud with sheriff

September 14, 2013

Franklin County legislators have made themselves look pretty bad in an ongoing feud with Sheriff Kevin Mulverhill....

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Sep-14-13 8:19 AM

As with most government officials, these legislators seem to believe they are an "elite" class, above the law. The sheriff did exactly what he was paid to do, ticketed an impaired driver. The situation could have been avoided if, like a common citizen, the legislator did not get behind the wheel after having "a couple drinks".

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Sep-14-13 8:29 AM

Anyone who follows local politics knows that Maroun is a career political hack. He was just showing his true character.

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Sep-14-13 10:19 AM

I have personally witnessed first hand how bad mr maroun can be, so this is not the first time. the deputy saw what looked to him to be an impaired driver. how impaired , only a breathalyzer or blood test would show. your article implies that you also thought the deputy should not have stopped him as he appeared to be patrolling. lets change things a little.....lets say the driver was drunk and he went on and killed a family in a collision.. then if you found out that the deputy suspected he was impaired and didn't stop him you would want his head. bleeding hearts make me sick.....remember the reserved parking place issue at the courthouse in Malone? mr maroun was involved there and the media was called and reported that when they showed up a loud mr maroon skidaddled. I did not personally witness this episode but it was in the news

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Sep-16-13 10:38 AM

Not to pile on, but PM was the "hero" behind the emergency tree removal on Rt 3, some years ago. Probably his friends who work in SL or the prisons complained about dangerous trees, so PM got some money and a crew was hired. Only thing, instead of clearing the dead, dangerous trees, live trees and adjacent land was was messed up by heavy equipment. After complaints, a follow up crew removed logs and debris left behind. Rt 3 went from a scenic highway to stumps, logs and destroyed ground. Funny thing is that the most dangerous trees were left standing, because they were too dangerous to bring down. Just thought that it was a rush to judgment and votes.

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Sep-16-13 4:19 PM

I wondered who the idiot behind the incompetent tree removal on Rt. 3 was. I'm not surprised.

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Sep-16-13 5:31 PM

Mr. Maroun has a happy facility of getting people of strongly differing opinions to agree...

...that he's a jerk.

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Sep-16-13 9:49 PM

Legislators make local county budgets and vote on common law. That's it!!! Maroun is a Moron and a Maroon!!!!! He needs to be replaced by someone who has the other half of brain!!!!!

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Sep-16-13 9:59 PM

On the other side, who is the ADE to accuse anybody of looking lousy?? Especially when it comes to law enforcement issues!! PC and co. have certainly looked equally foolish, and to make this a political issue w/ the county through media is poor taste, although entertaining. Real issues are to come when the Sheriffs dep't get their say! Can't wait for that saga!!!

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Sep-17-13 11:32 AM

First of all, I think there is probably more to this story than we will ever hear. A .055 BAC really isn't much so what really attracted the deputy? Also, Mulverhill needs to realize that the south end of the county pays the lions share of county property taxes and gets little in return, so yes Maroun is right, if the county is going beyond their mission, then lets get some service down here. I believe Tupper Lake pays 17% of the county property taxes and has 1% of the county highways. What little they do here, they do poorly. Take a ride down McLaughlin Ave and see the unfinished hazards they left here.

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Sep-17-13 1:10 PM

Just treat everyone the same.. They put their pants on one leg at a time just like the rest of us...

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Sep-17-13 2:43 PM

"A .055 BAC really isn't much so what really attracted the deputy?" I agree that the law is too restrictive but it is what it is. The only real question here is guilt or innocence. Would maroun or any of the others be asking the same questions if it was anyone else that was ticketed by the deputy?

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Sep-17-13 6:32 PM

If his driving and BAC isn't what attracted the deputy, what did? Are you suggesting Deputy Cromp knew that Smith was a legislator and decided to mess with him?

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Sep-17-13 9:09 PM

Must take the opportunity, again. The ADE is pointing at the Franklin County Legislators, hence this editorial, attempting to create turmoil by suggesting they look "Lousy" in what they do as a function. Please read today's police blotter and tell me who looks "LOUSY"! It would be the editor!!! LOL... 'Released on own recognizance, sent to jail on $5,000 bail or $10,000 bond' Wow, that's nice work. Do I make grammatical mistakes and present misinformation at times? YES I do....But I am not the Editor of "The only daily published newspaper in the Adirondack Park". Perhaps other papers spend a tad more time editing, rather than jabbing at others w/out proper and professional consideration.

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Sep-18-13 10:29 PM

Absolutely LOL when some fool disagrees with absolute truth and fact. If you disagree, post a reason and refute with intelligence.

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Sep-25-13 10:53 PM

Ty, point made...thanks again.

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