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Happy about hotel

July 29, 2013

Our first impression of a new, five-story hotel planned for the Lake Flower shoreline is a good one....

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Jul-29-13 11:35 AM

petey, you did well. VERY WELL! we may disagree from time to time but we never call each other names that can't be printed. i am glad you put that in your editorial. sweeping things under the carpet never solves anything. this hotel (and arta) are the two most promising things I have heard about that will improve our economy in a long time. lets keep our fingers crossed.

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Jul-29-13 4:36 PM

I sure wish that this newspaper would do a little investigative journalism instead of jumping into the fray prior to knowing the facts. A simple look at pictures from the 1800's will show that the area being considered was nothing more than a swamp. Like all areas that close to the Lake Flower,an artificial lake, the ground will not support the weight of a five story building. I foresee that they will tear down the current motels, find that the engineers cannot build economically and the developers will build expensive homes on the lake and make a tidy profit. So much for your bed tax.

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Jul-29-13 6:57 PM

"We have no problem with the height" - maybe the Enterprise doesn't, but you can bet the APA, neighbors, and anybody in Saranac Lake with common sense will. Also, isn't it ironic that the same day this editorial was published, a guest commentary from an APA attorney is published right next to it, proclaiming that S. Lake is at a "Watershed" moment in its history.

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Jul-29-13 9:23 PM

I am all for it!!! We have to stop chasing development out because a few can't rid themselves from the past. A couple variances and some creative design, and this will be an absolute economic boost to SL!! DWI2983 won't appreciate the benefits, but most everyone else will!!!! Welcome to the "New & Improved & Cultural" Capital of the Adirondacks!!! Wow, think of the 'branding' opportunities, and it isn't Clydes development!

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Jul-29-13 9:31 PM

Rhonda: I own property and work in Saranac Lake and have NO PROBLEM w/ the height proposal; and have some common sense too! The proposed property design is being purchased on "Lake Front Property". View is important, but for LAKE FRONT PROPERTY OWNERS! If those who own property behind that complain about view, they should have purchased LAKE FRONT PROPERTY! Really??? complaining about a view that perhaps you should have paying for, for a LONG time now!!! DEVELOPMENT is WHAT WE NEED!!!!!

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Jul-30-13 8:13 AM

I agree! Build it. Common sense means that in order to attract businesses, we need places for them to: 1. Meet in a professional atmosphere 2. Give an up-to-date place for future prospects to stay 3. UPGRADE. 4. Provide a nice place for people to stay to spend more money here in S.L. and T. L.

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Jul-30-13 9:17 AM

I think DW has a point but I assume the developer will do their due diligence before beginning. The variances could be very specific for a hotel, restaurant etc. If the builder then discovers he casn't build then he is stuck with the property. I really don't think luxury homes would sell so close to the busiest road in the ADKs anyway but who knows. Otherwise (gasp) I have to say I agree with itprober and bj makes good points also.

A well designed hotel is certainly within character in SL, far more so than a walmart that would have led to a net job loss and an increase in government assistance payments.

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Jul-30-13 11:05 AM

My first thought was that this is a far fetched idea, but then there was a time I didn't think anyone would try to develop the Big Tupper Ski Area. Best of luck to both, we need it all.

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Jul-30-13 11:36 AM

I do hope that the developer is successful in getting all the variances required to build this hotel. It is the type of positive construction which should bring more tourists and perhaps even businesses to Saranac Lake. I will never be able to afford to stay there, but it is the high end tourist that they are seeking, those with lots of disposable income. The link with the lakes and rivers would be a great plus. Much of Boston is built on former sea lands so the swamp should not be much of a problem. Good luck.

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Jul-30-13 12:13 PM

Speculation on jobs and assistance not withstanding.....

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Jul-30-13 2:14 PM

I will pray this developer gives us all a happy ending.

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Jul-30-13 2:53 PM

How walmart in SL would impact local jobs and public assistance is "speculation" but that a large percentage of walmart employees are forced to use public assistance to survive is fact.

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Jul-30-13 3:57 PM

Yes, I agree a happy ending is in just feels right.

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Jul-30-13 10:06 PM

Let's get behind the project proposal and grant the required variences so some GROWTH can happen!!!!

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Jul-31-13 9:43 PM

Hey DW, what do you think Washington, DC was built on? That's right swampland. I think they have some fairly large buildings there now. And though the pols may be mucking everything up, as far as I can see the rather large buildings that have been built there aren't sinking into the former muck.

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Aug-06-13 9:35 PM

Has anyone looked at Mr. Labarge's track record? His Holiday Inn Express in Malone is rumored to be loosing money, and Moe's, his restaurant, in the words of his manager is "hit and miss". SL doesn't need a guy with big talk and poor execution.

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Aug-07-13 4:37 AM

I think this hotel and the news about the Hotel Saranac are wonderful ideas for Saranac Lake. I can't really fathom why some people think it should only be 3 stories. Why? What harm will 5 stories do? Maybe if I lived across the street, I would be upset because I didn't want to lose my view of the lake, but what other reason could anyone have for not wanting it to the best it could possibly be.

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Aug-13-13 1:05 PM

I think that building such a large structure who's is 5or 6stories tall is absurd. Just what this town needs is to obstruct the beautiful view of lake flower as you come up to this monstrosity. Even though this town as a charm that won't quit blocking our view of the lake will sure help take that charm away. Does anyone remember a fence dispute just a year or so ago that the neighbors complains that it obstructed their view of the lake! This property owner has plenty of land to make this project 2 stories tall and still keep the same amount of rooms and can even put parking underneath the building to accommodate the guests and employees. So pleas think very hard before approvals are given. Lets keep our town a beautiful quaint place where vacationers,and tourists want to travel to and visit. Smart planning,development and building is of the utmost importance above and beyond what the builder/developer want.

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Aug-13-13 6:45 PM

Justice, I don't think a bunch of two story motel-looking buildings would draw as much business as a five-story hotel that looks like it's worth the price. And I'm no engineer but I have to imagine underground parking lots are a lot more expensive to build than regular ones.

It's a built up commercial area of the lakeshore, I don't see why anyone would be concerned about the view. Jesus, just go another couple hundred yards and look out there! There's hundreds of pristine lakes in the Adirondacks for locals and tourists alike to enjoy, that a tall building might obscure a few people's view of an already developed section of lake doesn't seem like any reason to block the project.

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Aug-13-13 8:58 PM

Justice: what is ABSURD are your suggestions! Underground parking there??? What does that have to do with view? With the existing three, one story motels, you can't view. Let go of hanging on to the past and embrace the growth! and how do you think two stories is any different from your own argument??? Build it; they will come!

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Aug-15-13 12:01 AM

As a requent visitor to the area, I am disappointed that it will be "high-end." I will never be able to stay there with the prices quoted in the article. For $350 I could have stayed at the charming, comfortable Adirondack Motel with its lovely owners for three days. A five-story building just doesn't fit into that neighborhood. It better be successful or you'll have a big eyesore on your hands.

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Aug-15-13 10:21 PM

Innkeeper, the track record is actually pretty impressive in regard to development for Mr. LaBarge. The management of his properties after his deal is done is the local workforce deficiency and marketing team.... not the developer!!!

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Aug-15-13 10:26 PM

and Mass-a-two-sh-its can simply stay there! If one thinks this project creates an all inclusive 'high-end' project that represents the Saranac Lake community, than stay home or go to Vermont!

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Aug-15-13 10:31 PM

There are still a multitude of options for 'Massvisitor' to requent when visiting! But if development scares them away from requenting the area, than so be it.....Lot's of Jersey folk who will book it every week!

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Aug-20-13 10:51 PM

bjccd5, I am told by Malone residents, and someone who knows Mr. LaBarge personally, that he still owns Moe's restaurant, and the Holiday Inn Express, therefore, he is responsible for their operation, and failure.

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